Seamed Sew Easy…

While driving home from NC after Thanksgiving, I had many hours to kill in the car.  My husband is quite entertaining, but 10+ hours requires additional support.  I pulled out my trusty iPhone and landed on Pinterest.  I don’t know what inspired me, but I searched for quilts.

And my world shifted.

I had never seen so many modern, colorful, and unique quilts.  Immediately I called up my grandmothers and mother to enlist them in my newly formed goal: become a quilter.  It was decided – over Christmas break I would buy the fabric, tools, and sewing machine to start my first quilt.

But, I had four weeks to go.  With that time I managed to overwhelm all of my Pinterest friends with quilt after quilt, as I pinned my dream creations, researched every quilt blog and book I could find, and visited 5 fabric stores with my husband.  (Yes, I conned him with various dinners, lunches, and stops at Dunkin Donuts.)  One night, on a whim, we stopped at a fabric store before dinner and I found THE fabric.

Love Lives Here


I couldn’t wait until Christmas.  I bought it then and there and chose the quilt I wanted to make (not stopping to think about difficulty level, of course…)

The Cathedral Window by Lee over at Freshly Piecedcathedralwindow

Her design was exactly what I needed to show of the fabrics I had found.

So one sewing machine, three rulers, a rotary cuter, cutting mat, pins, and one sewing lesson later, I was on my way to making my first quilt.

The pile of fabric has been ironed, cut, pinned, sewed, and it is slowly transforming.

It went from this:


To this moment of pride over my first completed block…


Which I absolutely adore because of the broken up birdie…

To this…


To this…


I finally feel like I’m making a quilt.

This blog may not teach you tips or tricks, because I’m a novice in every quilting skill, but I hope my new found love for quilting will inspire you to create.


6 thoughts on “Seamed Sew Easy…

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