All-American Child Quitter

I am literally speechless.  Which never happens.  And it’s too late to call my mom.

I like to refer to myself as the “All American Child Quitter”.  My mom and dad put me in all sorts of activities growing up and I quit everything.  (Literally, everything.  Piano, flute, tennis, swim team, soccer, basketball, horseback riding…)  I wasn’t competitive enough for sports (or athletic enough, ha) or engaged enough to be valedictorian in High School.

But, this All-American child quitter is now a quilter.  And this quilter just won the Herringbone Block contest.  Say, WHAT?!




I couldn’t be more humbled, excited, or more inspired to get back on the sewing machine and onto the next project.  Not to mention, enjoy spending the prize money on a new project!  I thought I was a winner for making my first quilt top, and I never expected to actually win because all of the projects were gorgeous, but this does make up for that time that I went the wrong way on the soccer field.

Mom, I hope I made you proud!

Thank you to Caroline at Sew Can She for inspiring me to take on this project.  Thank you to all the amazing bloggers who have reached out to this newbie and made me feel welcome.  (The quilting community is the bomb!)

And, finally, thank you to the hubs for checking out the design wall after I completed every block and encouraging me each step of the way  –  I promise I’ll clean up the dishes now that this project is over!


11 thoughts on “All-American Child Quitter

  1. Hi Ashley, I was always a quitter, too. And was never athletic unless arm wrestling counts… Huh? Anyways, I was leary of my old quitter self when I started quilting, so I promised myself not to make UFO’s. Now get at those dreaded dishes!

    • Lorna,
      Arm wrestling definitely counts! I’ve put the dishes on my task list today… after I do some more quilting 🙂

      Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is so great–and on your first quilt top, no less!

    I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! I have the quitter gene too (lol), sewing is really the only hobby I’ve stuck with. I think blogging about it helps a lot!

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