Quilting with Friends

This weekend the hubs left for a conference.  I tried watching Castle the first night, but neither our DVD player nor my computer would play the disk.  I’m pretty sure there was some divine intervention going on Friday night because today they both work perfectly.  Heaven knows I would have gotten zero sleep on Friday night if I had watched that show.  Instead I settled for the Bachelor which put me right to sleep.  That show is crazy.

It was going to be just me and the sewing machine for 48 hours, but Courtney saved the day and came over to finish our baby quilts.  I’m so proud of her work and I love how they turned out!  I can’t wait until we can send these off to the mommas we love.

Here’s Courtney playing around with the layout on the design wall.


One thing we both found really helpful was taking photos of the layout on our iPhones and making changes from that.  It sounds crazy, but it looks so different in a picture and you can really get the feel of the quilt design.  Another trick is to turn your photo to a B&W image so you can check the light-to-dark ratio of your fabric selection and layout.  This ensures that the colors and textures are spread out evenly.

Yesterday was the first time Courtney had ever used a sewing machine…

Image…and she rocked it!

Even when the bobbin thread ran out, which always gives me a heart attack, she remained calm.  I think she’s hooked and I’m just so thankful to have a friend who gets excited about things like sewing your first row:


I kept up the tradition of capturing an image of my last seam.ImageThis moment gets me every.single.time.

I hope it never gets old.

Three hours later, we had finished quilt tops!


Excuse my hair.  I was hoping the quilt top would distract from its bird’s nest quality, but alas, it did not.  Then, it was on to dinner with another friend to celebrate our hard work with good ol’ NJ pizza and some locally made ice cream.  SO. stinkin. good. 


I should reward myself like this every time I finish a quilt top. This would probably increase my productivity ten fold.

Finally, this weekend saw some rearranging in the quilt room to make room for a guest bed.  So, not only do I want you to come over and quilt with me, but I have a place for you to stay!  I love displaying my grandmother’s quilt because it inspires me to learn some more complicated blocks.  Plus, you know you want to sleep with the beetle pillow.  You do.


Happy Sunday, Happy Quilting, and let me know when you want to sleepover!


2 thoughts on “Quilting with Friends

  1. ME! i want to come visit! also i can’t wait till this summer when you do a blog post about ‘quilting with SISTERS!’ that baby is a lucky one, i love this quilt!!! when are you going to make your niece one (Zorah)?

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