WiP Wednesday

I have a problem.  I’m pretty sure this problem is prevalent in the quilting/crafting community.  F.A.D.D.  Fabric Attention Deficit Disorder.  I can’t stop looking at fabric, buying fabric, getting inspired by other quilts, and wanting to start new ones.  After I made my huge mistake this weekend and messed up all of my flying geese, I was back at square one.  So, of course that meant start new projects.  Because that makes sense.

Therefore, today’s WiP is a bit scatter brained.  Aren’t they all?

I still have to make my flying geese, but I have them all cut, pinned, and marked.


And I’m turning this stack of mistakes:


Into these cute little guys:


And, now, for my new quilt.  I’ve been completely inspired by Blue Elephant Stitches Granny Square quilt tutorial.  There’s a special little girl I know who’s turning two this summer and I wanted to make her something extra girly – I’m calling this Girly Explosion.  My friend said to just call it Estrogen.  Basically, I’ve thrown together any girly fabric I can find.


Her summer birthday gives me plenty of time to find more scraps and colorways to finish this baby.  Which is good because in going through my fabrics to make the blocks, I have realized that I have a desperate need for quality yellows, oranges, and purples.  Good thing I’m going to the quilt store tomorrow…

Hi, my name is Ashley and I have F.A.D.D.

So, here’s the help I need from you.  If I’m making this quilt for a two year old, what size should it be finished?  I’d like her to use it for a while, but I realize it probably won’t need to go to college with her…  I’d appreciate any/all suggestions!

It’s funny, everyone that has seen this layout likes a different block.  Even the ones that I’m not digging as much have supporters.  Here’s my favorite:

ImageI can’t get over these colors together.

Next week I hope that I have the last of these blocks finished.  8 more to go…


Happy WiP Wednesday and Happy quilting, friends!  Thanks for stopping by!


23 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I have a tendency to do lap size quilts. That way it’s not big enough for a bed, but it’s big enough that even a teenager could curl up in it. I usually shoot for 60″ for my length but width can be anywhere from 48″-60″. I really like the 60×60 lap size. Love your granny squares. I’m doing one in aqua, yellow, and gray.

    • Melinda, that’s exactly the size I was thinking! Thank you for your help, as a newbie, I need advice 🙂 I love your color combination!

  2. I’m so slow…what is FADD…
    Estrogen, very funny. I love your granny blocks…so inspriational and I’m hoping to get to mine soon! =)

    Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Have a great day.

    • As of right now, she’s still in a crib, but by the time I finish she’ll probably be in high school 🙂 hahaha. I still need to learn to actually quilt. I’m leaning towards the lap size 🙂

  3. Wow, Ashley… You have let the cat out of the bag! F-f-f-f-a-bric! Sorry, what was I saying?
    Love to hear you are planning a quilt for a special girl… That’s what got me started on this wonderful, colour-filled, roller coaster ride. Yippee! How about 4′ x 5′???

    • T, whenever I learn to quilt, actually finish a project, I hope to make one for my two favorite raleigh girls. I miss you guys so much!

  4. Oh yup, I have F.A.D.D. too. Sadly, this disease seems to be incurable, but the symptoms can be relieved by much online fabric browsing, the arrival of flat rate envelopes stuffed to overflowing, and finding every single quilt shop in your local area 😉 Seriously, your granny squares quilt looks like it will be super cute – I made a large one last year and I love it!

    • Adrianne, it’s amazing what that flat rate box can do to any day! I love coming home to one. I think I’ve almost visited every store in my area… but who’s to say I can’t start crossing state lines 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love the colors that you are using for your granny squares! It is hard to pick my favorite one! I was about to start a Granny Square quilt just the other day, after she posted a jelly roll version on Moda Bake Shop. I had to look at my list and stop myself! It’s still in the back of my mind though, so I’ll probably give in eventually LOL!

    It is good that you were able to turn the mistake into something usable and all those cute HSTs are a good excuse to start a new project!

    • Hey Taryn, thanks for your sweet words – my problem now is that I can’t stop making different versions. I’m going to have to start editing soon!

  6. Pretty granny squares! I made my 2 year old a quilt that was about 48″ x 60″ so that it fits nicely on her toddler bed and will be a good snuggle lap quilt later 🙂

    • Cassie, that’s exactly the size I’m leaning towards – and maybe with these extra blocks I keep making I can make a doll quilt? Thanks for stopping by, I love all of your creations!

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