Sunday Sneak Peek

Well, I’m still alive.  I might not be breathing well through my nose, and my hair might not be brushed, but by golly, I got some quilting done today!  Yesterday was National Quilting Day so of course I had to make a stop at my favorite LQS, Rock Paper Scissors.  I treated myself to some Nicey Jane fabric because it just screams Picnic Blanket – which of course I need.  I can’t wait to start cutting it over spring break.

Thank God for Spring Break.

So, this week my cousin and his girlfriend came to visit NYC and they stayed with us in the great state of New Jersey.  Basically this picture sums up the time they spent with us.


You know you want to come visit.

So, instead of sewing I was eating and hanging out.  Which was so worth it.  This means that the design board looks the same:


However, I have cut and sewed all the rows of the next 8 blocks, so by Wednesday I hope to have 16/20 blocks done.  This quilt is coming together more quickly than I thought.  Here is my favorite block of the newest set:


And I love the center block of this one – makes me think of little lovebirds.


Here is a sneak peek into the other 8 blocks.
As soon as I get these babies ironed, I’ll share the final blocks!


I cannot wait to see this finished!

Happy Sunday and Happy Quilting, friends!

Be sure to check out the other projects over at Busy Bee Quilts, for Monday’s let’s get acquainted post!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Sneak Peek

  1. This quilt is going to be beautiful! Don’t know how you have energy to sew after eating – I would be napping…

  2. First off, I love your blog name! And secondly, your granny squares are beautiful! The quilt is going to be so pretty!

    Thanks for linking up;)

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