Quilting with Friends and Friends

Whew, I am loving this weekend.  One of my favorites, practically a sister, is here to visit, and we’ve been doing a lot of eating, sight seeing, and drinking wine.  Sounds about right.


Which means that the design wall looks the same.


But, for a good reason.  I love having my people here.

The four final blocks are made, and they finally incorporate my two favorite colors that were seriously lacking so far – red and purple!  These blocks include many of my family members – and me – for my sweet cousin to know how much we love her.

For my uncle and Pappaw, two proud Navy men:


For my mom, who loves Ladybugs.  I call every one I love “Ladybug” because it reminds me of my mother.  Love:


This block has “me” in the center:


And, for this one, I just liked the colors!


Whew, I cannot wait to finish this baby!

Annnnnnnd, hold the press.  But I took a quilting class!  Melanie taught a wonderful class on free motion quilting, and I’m definitely not a master… or even good, but it was addicting and I can tell this is going to be something I want to practice.  It probably won’t show up on a quilt for a while, though.


As  a teacher, I really appreciated how hands on Melanie was!  She was so encouraging and basically the whole class allowed us to just practice and find our rhythm.

Which Emma found instantly.


No, seriously, instantly.


She wrote her name.  I wanted to hit her (in a totally encouraging way!)

Meanwhile, I was over here doing this:



So, like I tell my own students:


Today I’m linking up with Plum and June’s Let’s Get Acquainted Link Up over at Simply Miss Luella!

13 thoughts on “Quilting with Friends and Friends

  1. I didn’t know you were taking pictures! It was great to have you in class. Keep practicing! And I love seeing your granny squares. That quilt is going to be gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Melanie – I really had a blast and I can’t wait to take your next class. As soon as I get my walking foot, I’ll do the free motion foot next 🙂

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