Charms, Change, and Cheap

Well, usually I’m super excited for a weekend, but when it’s the tail end of Spring Break “Teacher Anxiety” strikes full force.  I am not ready to go back.  Except for the fact that Monday is April Fool’s Day.  Yessssssssss.


I’m still working away on these charms:


Chain piecing 84 is taking a while, but I can’t get over how pretty they are!



These photos alone make me excited to see this quilt top.


Spring cleaning brought about new hair.

Here is the best “Before” that I have to show how long my hair had gotten.  Because, honestly, who goes to the salon looking nice?  That’s what I thought – no one.


Cue quite a few inches later:



I haven’t had short hair in two years and I am loving it!

Of course, not being able to have a ponytail might pose some problems… 🙂

The hubs said he has a new wife and that I’m already sassier… not possible!

and finally, (not) Cheap

The other night on my way to my MQG meeting my car started having some trouble.  Now, my beaut of a car, Scout the Camry, has been with me since my 16th birthday.  (Yes, she’s named after To Kill a Mockingbird’s protagonist.)  Like I said before, this means she’s 12. Amazing, but 12, and old lady was having some trouble.  I (naturally) freaked out.  Called every family member I could (couldn’t reach any of them) and finally received help from my granddad.  Bless him.  I’m sure he liked being 6 states away and having his granddaughter on the side of the Garden State parkway crying.   Well, quite a few zeros later she is back up and running.

And this is how I know I am officially a quilter.  As I was swiping my card to pay, all I could think was:  “This could have been so much fabric.”

Not, groceries, a vacation, clothes, or pedicures.  Fabric.

Happy Weekend and Happy Quilting, y’all!




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