WiP Wednesday!

Happy WiP Wednesday, Friends!

It was bound to happen at some point in my quilting journey… I hit a wall.  A big fat one last night.  Nothing.  Nothing I did was right…  I wanted to just practice some quilting on a mini-quilt sandwich I had leftover from my FMQ class, and it was going great!  Much better than I expected…


I was having fun, and I was really enjoying just playing around on my machine.

(Which I admit I’ve been kind of afraid of since I bought it…)

So, I thought, let’s go for it!


So I started quilting.  Really. actually. quilting.

Because, you know, the baby was born 2 weeks ago, and he should have it before he turns, oh I don’t know, 18!

How do you guys do it?

That joker got heavy.  It’s just a baby quilt and after 8 lines I have to start over.  Some were great and then another one would pucker.  So, now I’ll be taking out way too many stitches and my poor quilting ego is bruised.  Bless it.

So, not to be a complete waste of life, I moved on to my lovely stack of rainbow charms.


I cut 168 squares and then got ready to iron.

And made it through all of them the cool colors in one set.


Not my quilting day, friends.

How you guys quilt anything larger than a place mat?!

(No, I’m serious?)


27 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday!

    • Yeah, I thought gloves were silly until last night and I was like, “this is no joke!” They get so heavy. Glad I’m not the only one and I am going to be sure to get some before I start again.

  1. I quilted for years without a walking foot… which was INSANE. They are amazing things and I do not know what I did without it. My actually quilting is not anything to write home about. I need to be brave and practice more too.

    • Considering I’m pretty much obsessed with everything you make… hahaha! I can’t wait to get a walking foot. I’m glad that seems to be the fix and it makes me feel better!

  2. I’m with the others, you will find it easier with a walking foot. Keep practising. Do you have your machine on a good sized table to support the weight of the quilt when you sew?

    • Maria, I never thought about how large the table is… I think mine is large enough, but I need to play with where I place it to make more room! Thanks for that tip 🙂

  3. You will love a walking foot! Worth every cent, seriously. I use it for quilting, binding, and tons of other projects (like making a custom designed food bag for backpacking out of ripstop nylon for my FIL!). Also, I always clear to the left and behind my machine so it is easy to feed it through and not bunch up on something. Actually I have a folding table to the left and behind my sewing machine specifically to support the quilt (especially helpful/important for anything large than a baby quilt!). Quilting/grippy gloves are tremendously helpful too! And once (if?) you start FMQ, then a Supreme Slider is very, very nice. And take breaks every hour (or half hour), get up, stretch your arms, back, shoulders, drink something, etc. Usually by the time I am done FMQ a big quilt my shoulders and back are quite achy.

    • Renee, thank you for all these helpful tips – I have got to get this stuff to help me out. I especially need to make more space. I didn’t realize how much it would need! Loving your Lone Star quilt so far!

  4. I don’t use a walking foot. I actually don’t own a sewing machine I just borrow my mother’s or sisters.

    I like to do my quilting on a big table like a dining table or foldable banquet table (although these tend to shake). I go slowly much slower than when piecing!

    I also like to roll up my edges when putting them under the harp. I also stop periodically to pull up the quilt from my lap and place on the table so there’s no drag.

    Also, super important to make sure you baste really well! This insures you don’t get bumps! I spray basted on my last quilt and it came out perfect! For now on I’m sticking to it!

    Hope that helps!

    • Oh, my gosh – rolling helped so much! It’s already making me want a bigger machine for a wider harp! Hahahaha, the endless “want” list with quilting. Yeah, I was wondering if it was my basting. This is making me want to try spray next time! Thanks for that suggestion 🙂

  5. We all have “off” quilting days, for sure. I know that there are days where I feel like nothing I do is working or looking right. The purple stitching looks great! And everyone has given good tips– walking foot, using the table space (something I didn’t get to in class) and gripping are all important. Taking a break is sometimes just the thing I need to get back in the groove. What’s awesome is that you felt the courage to do it!

    • Thanks, Melanie! I was definitely having so much fun – and I can’t wait to try again! I have got to get my table space situated and I have to find a decently priced walking foot. I can’t wait to take your 101 class!

  6. Oooh, I love all those pretty rainbow HSTs!

    Quilting is still the hardest part for me, but not as hard as it used to be! It gets easier with time. I had a huge problem with drag and the weight until I started letting the quilt rest on my upper body instead of my lap, I started doing that after reading this list of tips. Like everyone above me said, a large table space & a walking foot helps a ton. I definitely recommend spray basting. It makes it so much easier!

  7. I love my walking foot, and also use the gloves. I haven’t figured out FMQ yet, but can do some curves with the walking foot anyway. Check out 31 Days of Walking Foot Quilting at Petit Design Co. She has lots of great ideas!

  8. Ashley I’m totally with you on the quilting w/o a walking foot. Had to do that for my first quilt last year and ended up ripping out FEET of straight stitches. Took that sucker to my Master’s classes and sat there with a seam ripper during lectures. Everyone (except the other quilter in class) thought I had lost my mind. I’m terrified to try FMQ – may have to take a class like you suggested. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow HSTs – can’t wait to see what you create!

  9. I have had days like that! I have even cried tears of frustration… Taken quilts apart and put them back together 5-6 times and it still wasn’t right. And the next day I look at it and think, what was so bad about it? Do you iron your seams open for HSTs? I find that if I don’t iron them open, they warp.

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  11. I can’t FMQ for my life…my straight lines are definitely getting better. What ha really helped me has be quilting gloves (the kind with th grippy fingers). Do you have a pair?? I always feel so official “gloving up”, like q quilt doctor or something.

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