Holding it Together (Barely)

I promise I’m alive.

I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet.

I did, however, spend 3.5 days like this:


I always joke and say, “I wish I could just spend the day in bed.”

That was not what I meant.

It turns out that there are not enough tv shows to keep me entertained for 84 hours in bed.

So, quilting has been slow going.

It’s been a lot of this:


Trimming half square triangles to 4.5 inches.

Guys, these suckers were already 4.555555559994422 inches.

Trimming was a joke.

More like praying not to screw it up.

But, the quilt’s coming together:


At least something is put together around here…


Because clearly I’m not!



3 thoughts on “Holding it Together (Barely)

  1. Ugh I hate trimming things that hardly need trimming… And if you don’t trim it the whole quilt is doomed lol

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