Charming Chevrons

A while ago I was searching through quilts on Google Images and I came across this simple, but stunning quilt by Christa Quilts! called Charming Chevron.  She has a very detailed tutorial and the quilting she did on her quilt is beautiful.  I had lofty dreams of copying her quilting when I made my own, but I’m going to have to practice FMQ muccccchhhhhhhh more to achieve the pebbles!

Now I’ve finally turned all of these beauties:


Into way too many half-square triangles:


That needed to be trimmed to size.  (Have I mentioned I hate cutting fabric?)

Slowly, my own Charming chevron has grown, and transformed on the design wall…Image

As I tried to find a layout that I liked, with colors as evenly spread out as I could make them, I realized that it was harder than I imagined. Until today, when I completed this final layout…  So, what do you think? 


Is it ready to sew together?

16 thoughts on “Charming Chevrons

  1. I think it looks great. The only change I would make is to break up the three diagonal red HST in the lower right corner. Totally gorgeous colors! Makes me want to get a charm pack to make one as well!

    • Renee! Good call – now that I see that, I’m thinking, “How did I miss that?” I’m glad you pointed it out because that would have bothered me later. Even though the charm pack seemed to have an even split of warm and cool colors there were sooooo many pinks and reds! It’s come together pretty quickly, I totally recommend making it!

      • I did that with my current quilt and I am still kicking myself. How in the world did I miss those blocks being so close together?! ARgh! Oh well. Glad I could prevent a similar issue for someone else 🙂

  2. I so love, love, love …your quilting blog entries! It makes my heart happy to know another generation of young women are handy with a needle & thread …and sewing machine. Julie and I especially like your vibrate use of color. And your design wall…please tell me more about that. I’ve only used a bed or the floor space in my foyer to assemble projects.

    Keep up the good work! Happy quilting.

    • Hey Joyce – thank you so much for reading, but also letting me know you read my blog! I think the coolest part about this is learning who I already know that enjoys quilting and getting crafty with a needle! Thank you for your kinds words – my philosophy is the brighter the better 🙂

      For the design wall, I use a table cloth from Target. Any table cloth that has the more plastic feel on one side and the cottony feel on the other side would work. I bought two of them and an entire wall in my guest room is covered. I used tacks to put the table cloth up that the cottony side is facing out. The fabric clings to it and stays put wonderfully. You can also use yardage of felt, too – I’ve heard that words well too. I just liked that the table cloth was huge and cheap for the size.

      I hope that was helpful and I’d love to see some of your projects too!!

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