WiP Wednesday

We’re back to my favorite day of the week!

This week, work has been crazy.  I’m also really feeling my decision to work 7 days last week.  Dumb.  Just dumb.  Therefore, my sewing this week has been less productive, but I’m still hooked on Paper Piecing and I can’t wait to have a little bit more time to finish a few more of these Lone Star blocks!

I finished the first scrappy block of my Scraps for Me quilt:


Caught me, I still have to sew the four quarters together.

(Still, I’m obsessed.)

You see, after this block, I found a helpful tip.  Leave the paper on until ALL of your blocks are sewn together.  That would have been helpful to read before this block!  If you get into Paper Piecing – follow this one piece of advice.  Words of wisdom, friends.

For this block, I followed that direction…

Sewing the sections together with the paper still attached:


It was so much easier to line the seams up!


This will be my second scrappy block made for my Scraps for Me quilt from the leftovers of my first baby quilt.  I love the Bella line and I’m glad I’ll still be able to enjoy this fabric even after I ship off the quilt.  I debated whether I should mix up the paper piecing blocks for this Scraps for Me quilt, but I decided after talking with a friend that with all the fabrics, that would get too hectic!  Plus, I just really love this Lone Star block!

I wanted to get more of this new block done last night, but then I cut off the wrong piece and my bobbin ran out.  I took this as a sign to shut it down for the night.

Because really there’s enough work on my design wall to keep me up all night:


Chaotic and crazy: Just like me!

Happy WiP Wednesday, friends!  Thanks for stopping by!


30 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

    • Sheri, you should definitely try it – this is my first block attempt with paper piecing and it’s a pretty easy one for such pretty results 🙂

  1. I really love this star block, and yours are lovely! Also, I love your Sisters’ 10 blocks in the background. They look so bright and friendly!

  2. Love the Lone StarBurst, this was actually my first paper piecing attempt, and it actually turned out well… I didn’t know about leaving the paper on the entire time, but after I got it together, I thought I probably should have done that. Yours is beautiful.

    • My design wall definitely wasn’t supposed to be this big, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it… I asked for another wall in my house and my husband said no! hahaha.

    • Susan, there are so many good tutorials out there – I think this one is a pretty good starter block if only because it’s so pretty that you want to finish it. The number one thing I’ve learned is to leave the paper on until the whole block is together – and to sew with a stitch length of 1.5 so that the paper comes off easily. I hope you try paper piecing – I was so scared of it and envious of quilters who could do it. Now I’m addicted!

      Aside from the major bloggers who have tutorials (Fresh Lemon Quilts being my go – to, this youtube video was VERY concise and helpful! I’ve watched it quite a few times as I’m going…)

      I hope you try it and definitely share if you do 🙂

  3. You design wall is crazy and gorgeous, lots of pretty things to look at and work on! I don’t have a design wall, and my crawling baby gets into most things I put on the floor to layout (she’s getting better about them, but still), so blocks get stacked until I’m ready to lay them out and sew them together. I decided to try paper piecing again today (a TARDIS no less, sheesh) and found this tutorial: http://sewhooked.com/2008/10/28/paper-piecing-step-by-step/ The method makes more sense to me than all the others I’ve seen, and everything went smoothly! Hurray! I will definitely be making some of your stars now. 🙂

    • Oh, I have never seen that method of paper piecing – I really like the idea of creasing the paper! Thanks for sharing that link and I can’t wait to see your stars!

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