Scraps for Me

There are so many exciting things coming up for me on the quilting front.  Tomorrow I get to hang out with my favorite quilty people and Monday I start my very first quilting class taught by Melanie!  For some reason, I thought the class started last Monday and I was so depressed last Sunday when I realized I had a full week to wait.  I’ve bought my fabric and I can’t wait to see if my vision comes together!  I can’t wait to learn how to completely finish a quilt – especially since I have such a back log of tops to get completed!  I want to get my quilts out to my people.

After quite a few weekends with work getting in the way, the hubs and I finally got to enjoy some quality time together.  I am LOVING this weather.  Thank god it’s getting warmer.


We’re pretty adventurous people, and we enjoy trying new things, but there is one thing we’re pretty routine about: Bagels.  For the past five years, we’ve had a bagel on 90% of the Saturdays or Sundays.  When we lived in D.C. we used the time to plan for the upcoming week at work, and then we moved to New Jersey where there are actual bagels.  Omg.  You have not had a bagel until you’ve had one.  I don’t know what I’ll do if we leave this place!

Tonight I have a new project I want to start, but I’ve finally finished the first two Scraps for Me blocks – up next will be the Cuzco block from my Herringbone quilt and a Love Lives Here block from my Cathedral Window quilt.  I can’t wait to see them!



For the second block, I left the paper on until it was completely sewn together:


The seams on this one are so much more precise:


I’m so glad I thought to do this Scraps for Me quilt, as a scrap book of all the quilts I’ll make for others.  It’s already making me so happy,, and it’s a fun project to celebrate finishing another quilt!

I hope you’re having a restful and crafty weekend!


4 thoughts on “Scraps for Me

  1. BAGELS 😀 I know what you mean! We had some last weekend and they were gone within just a couple of days… whoops. Still loving your stars (I don’t think I’ll stop!)

  2. They are so pretty! And the photo of the trees and water is really pretty too! I am totally trying to talk myself into/out of making a similar quilt for myself. Don’t need another quilt on the table! But I want one, it’s so pretty! Anyway, I love the idea of a scrap book quilt of all the quilt’s you’d made!

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