Sunday Sewing

Today I had the best of intentions of going to quilt with others, and then I realized I haven’t had a weekend off in a month.  The thought of lounging in my pajamas before a stressful week was just too appealing.  So, I managed to sit around in my pajamas, finish a book, run with my husband, make a baby quilt top, plan for the upcoming week, and read random magazines all before 6 pm.  WINNER.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get some more sewing done tonight when my “I’m-a-teacher-sunday-night-insomnia” kicks in.  (No, really, it’s legit.)

A few months back when I was on my granny squares kick, I played around with the new Spring House fabric and made this granny square:


I loved this fabric so much that I decided to save it for a later project, maybe even a pillow for myself.  Then I realized that this palette goes with nothing in my house.  So, a baby quilt it would become.  I just needed to add another “layer” to the granny square to make the quilt larger.  Also, as a bonus, this line is quite possibly the softest fabric I’ve ever touched.  Ever.  Buy a charm pack – you won’t regret it.

For the baby quilt, I knew I’d want to double up on some of the pretty fabrics, so I recently bought a second charm pack and another white charm pack.  (Like my momma taught me with white shirts, you can never have enough white fabric!)


Literally, less than two hours later, I had a quilt top. 


I had way too much fun with my first outdoor quilt photo shoot.

The neighbors probably think I’m really awkward now!


I still can’t decide what kind of border I want.  I know I want the overall quilt to be larger, but I don’t know if I want to keep it squared off with the granny square in the middle, or if I want to make it rectangular and have the granny square a bottom corner with room for a quilted design at the top.

Any suggestions?  

When my husband saw this quilt he said, “This looks like that designer, what’s her name, Lilly something?”  1.  I love that he knew that.  2.  It completely does. 

Does anyone need a baby girl quilt?


13 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing

  1. Husbands say the darndest things 🙂 Haha. I love your top! So cute! I might put more charm squares (either in Spring House or in coordinating solids) around to make a border.

    • I enjoyed your analogy of telling a story as a way to get your message across. People love hearing stories and with an audience telling them. Stories connect us in a human kind of way. It would be beiicnfeal if we slowed down long enough to listen. Thanks for that reminder.

  2. You are forgiven for skipping Newbees. We were a little worried about you when I checked Instagram. “She’s quilting! Alone!” I said. I was chicken to harass you about it there. But I totally get it. Just know you were missed. And I’ll see you in class!

  3. Your quilting is almost enough motivation to adopt again – NOT! But I do love those quilts. We got one of those Lily dresses handed down to us and both my sweet girls rejected them – we are not Southern…. As your back up mom, I am so glad that you took a weekend OFF. I was reading your last blog and thinking, Ashley honey, you need to slow down, breathe deeply and enjoy that wonderful man of yours. Glad you had a nice weekend. Love you!

  4. Love love love the quilt top! I got a charm pack of the Spring House last week on super duper sale and can’t wait to use it – so cute. As for making the quilt a bit bigger…maybe add a lime or lemon solid border with a charm in each corner?

  5. I love your quilt top – so pretty! If you decide to make it a rectangle, you can add a row of charms on point to the top and bottom of the quilt with white border all around.

  6. Oh wow. I totally have the ‘I’m a teacher sunday night insomnia’ too!!! Totally legit. Always makes for such sleepy monday evenings and really great sleeps monday nights haha. Love your quilt top – pretty, pretty colours. Visiting from Let’s Get Acquainted.

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