A Quilt for My Own (Non-Existent) Baby

Say, what?  It’s OK, mom.  Breathe.  No baby for the foreseeable future.  However, if there was ever a quilt to inspire your future grandchildren, this would be the one.

Back up.

Late December I started this crazy sewing journey with a 4-hour lesson and many lofty dreams.  The quilt I decided to do as my “starter quilt” was probably way too advanced, but it got me hooked, and I’m still going.  Fast forward five months, and I’m finally taking a class – so thankful!  The stars aligned and my favorite fabric store Rock Paper Scissors is holding a beginning quilting class taught by my quilty friend, Melanie!  During the class, we’ll each make a 32in x 32in baby quilt – the perfect project to practice on. One, I’m happy because she’s inspiring.  Two, I’m happy because the store is inspiring.  Three, I’m happy because I’m going to learn how to actually finish a dern project.  Hey, girl, heeeeeey.

So, anyway, onto that offspring producing baby quilt!

For months I have been eying this fabric:


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know this is my “style”.  If you’re new here, Welcome, I like bold, colorful, and obnoxious.  Hey, it’s better than the days when I wore something tie dye every.single.day.  (No, really, that was a phase.)

Previously I just couldn’t justify buying this fabric because I didn’t have a project in mind. (This doesn’t usually stop me, but I’m glad I resisted earlier.)

Then, came the class list.  A charm pack and a coordinating solid.

So, I got it backwards, and I bought the fabric, and some coordinating solids.  

42 different solids to be exact.


Again, bold, colorful, and obnoxious!

I’m so digging the Kona solids right now.  Stocking stuffers!

I had this vision in my head, and I was just praying that it worked.  During class we learned the proper technique for cutting fabric which was really helpful.  This lesson also included ironing, which I have been forgetting.  Eh.

I hate when small steps make a big difference… gotta get on that.

So, I cut up some fussy cuts:


Laid out my solids:


And got to work.

This quilt just came together.  It started making sense.

This quilt is magic. (To me)


Another view, because it’s so big you might have missed it!  (HA!)


Have you ever seen something so beautiful? 


I am so excited about the next three weeks of class to piece this baby together, quilt, and bind it.  I’m even more excited that this will be my first “finished” project because I absolutely love it.  Love.it.  Melanie made me promise not to sew it together until the next class, but that’s not going to stop me from looking at it!

Tonight when I showed the hubs this quilt he said, “Whoa, I love that!  I hope you’re keeping this one.”

To which I replied, “I am.  For our baby.”


Can you imagine if that was how I told him I was preggers?

(I’m not)

As a side note: How trippin’ is my baby going to be looking at this thing?



22 thoughts on “A Quilt for My Own (Non-Existent) Baby

  1. I have been loving that fabric every time I see it, and I have been a sucker for Kona solids lately (to the tune of like 10+ yards, yikes!), so I am totally on board with this quilt!

  2. Ooooh be careful. I made a baby quilt for a friend, and it was so cute, I got baby fever, and a surprise baby weeks later. The quilt did it! I love brights too. I think bright colors are also supposed to be good for infants’ development. 😉

    • I literally laughed out loud with this comment, Laura – this is amazing! Your surprise is beautiful 🙂 and I’m sure baby fever will catch soon. Hopefully the brights will create one smart child.

  3. Love it!!!! And I know it is going to be stitched with lots of love for your (waiting in the stars for you) baby!

  4. I repeat: I am a big baby! However, I would act like an adult and give up any claim to your beautiful baby quilts if you make me a great aunt! I love these colors!

  5. You’re such a natural designer! You have the eye. And a defined style. So glad you’re in the class! And that you’re keeping this gorgeous quilt.

  6. This is so beautiful! I feel like so often with quilting I try to use a million different prints… I LOVE how versatile your quilt is without being at all in-your-face about it 🙂

  7. Yep, I love this quilt, too, so I must be following in your footsteps for lovely, lively, bright and interesting fabrics and designs. It is really terrific! (And I’m adding your blog to my Bloglovin’ list!)

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