Charming Chevron

The charming chevron quilt top is finished!  (Well, I might add some white borders because it’s smaller than I imagined it’d be, but that’s manageable.)  I don’t know how it happened, but I messed up the order of some of the blocks.  I literally did them row by row, and looked at an image of the quilt while I was working and I still managed to get off.  Mistakes happen and my friends are really nice so I should be good.  And, if you don’t get too close all the points match!  Woohoo.  Victory.

I would have been finished sooner, but this happened on our way to lunch.  (Bagels.  Duh.)

photo 2

Reason 722 that I love my town.

Street Fairs.  With funnel cakes.

That is all.

Here she is:

photo 1


Again, I was the weird quilt lady stopping traffic.

The hubs was also creative director placing the quilt and smoothing out corners.

He just makes me love him more…

I do have a plan for quilting this sucker, but I have to take another FMQ class.

And practice for hours.

Soon it will be heading across the ocean!  And hopefully I will follow it for a visit.

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20 thoughts on “Charming Chevron

    • Thanks, Chrissie – i’m jealous you got to see all those beautiful quilts at The City Quilter. I wish it wasn’t such a trek into the city.

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