SHHHHHH, Don’t Tell the Hubs


I feel you, girl.  I feel ya.

This may or may not have just happened.


Good thing the comic says her name is Alice, not Ashley!

Five Monkey Fabrics is having a sale on my favoriteeeee fabric line, Chicopee, and an overall 10% off store wide coupon.  When I saw that I could get this entire line for this price, I took it as fate and a gift for my stressful month.  I have so many quilts that I want to make with this line, for myself, and for others, so I just couldn’t say no!  This is honestly the fabric line that hooked me with this quilt by Film in the Fridge:


Now, I really am going on a fabric diet.

For real this time.

No, really.  I am.

Actually, I have quilt class tonight… Crap.


10 thoughts on “SHHHHHH, Don’t Tell the Hubs

    • Renee, I wish I could have resisted, but I literally have three quilts I want to make with this line. I just can’t get enough of it and I don’t want to wait until it’s discontinued (like so many others have done…) Hopefully I won’t disappoint!

  1. Where do you buy fabric? Trying to find some to recover my dining room chairs and have no idea where to look!

    • I’m pretty much convinced that this fabric diet is more impossible than any food diet ever… even no carbs. I think I could do that successful before this one. I might have to disable Etsy, Fabric stores, and my search engine…

  2. ahhhhhhhhh!!! you make me want to go on a fabric shopping spree – AND you make me want to join a quilting class… If only we lived closer!? I would totally take one WITH you and then we could be BFF FOREVER (redundant… I know). 🙂

    • I support and encourage ALL of this! i wish we lived closer. but, I would visit you all the time…. so that could get old? hahaahaa. forever and ever and ever. and we could prank ben. perfection.

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