WiP Wednesday

Whew, today I just have to say that I’m a work in progress.

After 5 months of working with my machine, I just figured out how to make it back stitch.

Better later than never, right?

Monday night, I had week 2 of my quilting class at RPS with Melanie.  After holding off for an entire week, and not doing anything with the squares we cut from last week, I finally got to piece everything together!  I have to say, small brag coming, my piecing is getting so. much. better.  A few seams are still off, but overall I’m so happy with this quilt top!

Last night, my goal was to get this puppy basted.  So round and round I went…


…until I had a zero-calorie quilt sandwich, friends!

Sorry for the lighting, but it was already dark outside and my hair was a sopping wet mess.

This will have to do:


The back is a large piece of the printed fabric from the patchwork.

(Which I may have bought 2 more yards of this week…)


In other exciting news, this book also came in the mail!


I’ve been so inspired by Cath’s paper pieced stars over at one of my favorite quilting blogs, that I decided to buy the book for future reference. (The linked post has many of her stars together, but click on the category for Paper Piecing to see all of the stars she’s made!  Do it.  Inspiring.) The two paper pieced star blocks I’ve made my for Scraps for Me quilt have been so much fun, but I’m hoping to start a larger project at some point.  A point in the far future, after I finish my fabric diet.

Now that this quilt is basted and ready for class next Monday, (Mom, where was this motivation in High School?!) I’m ready to start on this quilt! The white fabric came in the mail today, so I hope to have some progress soon 🙂


Happy WiP Wednesday friends – be sure to check out the other projects!

(Have I mentioned that I love Wednesday?)


23 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. It looks gorgeous! I’ve really loved watching everyone’s quilts come together. And next week we quilt! Have you thought about a thread color?

    • I can’t wait for Monday – clearly since I’m already prepared! I’m thinking dark purple for the back? and I don’t know for the front… :/

  2. Ashley – adorable piecing as always! Love that you’ve started stashing for “future/not quite now” baby. I was in a LQS with my mom a few months ago and she was joking with me about all of the cute baby things she wants to make but “if I wait for forever she may not have time to do them all” – the owner suggested she start a Hope Chest for her future grandkids and get started on the projects. Win win for us both 🙂 Let me know if you like that book – I’m not brave enough to paper piece yet, but am very intrigued (especially after seeing your scrap blocks!)

    • Oh, yeah. The mother hope chest 🙂 I know about that too! So far I love the book – excellent patterns, and great resources – like an empty template of each one to color in and try color combinations. Paper piecing is awesome and I think you’d love it! I would really recommend it for the patterns alone and the Lone Star block in my Scraps for Me post is really easy for beginning. I’ve messed up some, but it’s manageable 🙂

    • I completely recommend it – it is amazing and it’s such a great resource to get all of the templates for such a low price. Plus, all the modern versions I’ve seen online are stunning!

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