I Bought You Something…

The other night, my husband came home from Barnes and Noble (his fabric store).  Usually, he heads there and reads, drinks coffee, decompresses, and finds books to buy on Amazon. 

I hear, “I got this for a penny.” quite often.  He’s pretty proud of himself that he never buys books for retail.  So, when he came home with a bag and said it was for me, I was pretty intrigued…


He bought me a book about quilters.

He spent money on a book about quilters.

I married a good one.

Now, I’ve finished the book, which I found rather enjoyable.  It’s a quick and easy read, nothing profound and life changing, but one of those books that are “just for fun.”  Really, all it’s made me want to do is go on a quilters’ retreat.  Like now. 


12 thoughts on “I Bought You Something…

  1. Aw! I took my husband to a quilt shop with me last weekend, and he actually helped me pick out fabric for a pattern I bought!

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