WiP Wednesday

Quilting Alert!  Quilting Alert!


I have now officially machine quilted – successfully.  The mod patchwork baby quilt from my Quilting 101 class taught by Melanie is now quilted!  I am beyond ecstatic!  So, from my previous disaster with machine quilting to now, I can say that a walking foot is a god-send, and that it helps to keep the weight of the quilt on my upper body.  It was also more than helpful to have Melanie there to tell me that every thing was A-OK.

For this quilt we practiced straight line quilting a quarter inch from each seam.  I love how this looks on the front:


My husband loved how it looked on the back.  I thought, great, could have just used this fabric on both sides – it would have been a whole lot easier!  Haha.


I just love the little boxes that form in the corners:


Now that it’s quilted, I have a confession.

I was afraid of quilting.

But, I’m really afraid of binding.

I’ve bought the fabric and I’ll make the binding this weekend.

We’ll see how this goes…

On a brighter note, I can start quilting some of the tops I’ve made!  However, I have this sick addiction to buying fabric and making quilt tops.  We’ll see if I can overcome!

Happy WiP Wednesday, y’all.  I can’t wait to see what you’re up to…


29 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. crazy mom quilts has a fabulous tutorial for binding on her blog:)

    Love all the bright, bold colors in your quilt!

    • Sara, thank you for that blog, I love all the tutorials and quilts she has. I can use as many resources as possible 🙂 I’m a very visual learner. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Don’t be afraid of binding!!! There are definitely lots of good tutorials out there and as with all quilting/sewing projects — imperfections give lots of character!

  3. Congrats on the successful quilting- woot woot! I’m with the hubs – the design is uber cute on the back! Binding is a breeze after quilting (I happen to like the hand stitching part of it – makes those gifted quilts a little more special). I’m sure you’ll go over it in class, but my fav tutorials are:
    Lots of great pics and detailed instructions on both. Can’t wait to see it finished!!

  4. I love it and I agree that the walking foot makes all the difference! I’ve been trying free motion quilting lately, now that is some scary stuff.

    • Julie! My FMQ experience was very scary. hahaha. It was so much fun, but getting the rhythm was more difficult than anticipated. After practice we should get it, right?

  5. Well, you overcame the quilting beautifully!! So the same will happen with the binding. Pick one method, go slow, and if things go wrong don’t be afraid to curse, throw the quilt at the wall, and walk away for a day. I recently started using a new binding method and it took three different quilts before I was doing it comfortably!

    • Yes! Throw it at the wall. That is so something I would do! I think it’s going to take a while to figure out which method I prefer. I have a few baby quilts to work on first so I can do smaller projects.

  6. Yay Ashley!! It looks great! What a fun little quilt to start with. I didn’t bind my first quilt (I was totally intimidated too!)–I did the pillow-case method and then quilted it. The results were not so great, but hey it was a start. My second quilt I came across a roll of premade binding at Joann’s, and used it, I was still totally not ready to make my own (plus I was like 37 weeks pregnant and happy to find any time saver). My third quilt I finally made my own binding and was seriously surprised at how simple and easy the process was! I am sure you will do great with yours! If you’re not into the hand stitching, there are a ton of great tutorials on doing it by machine (my preferred method now)!

    • Renee, I love that I’m not the only one that was intimidated by binding at first – plus your quilts are beautiful so mine will get there eventually 🙂 I’ll probably hand stitch this one and then play around with machine binding. I have a feeling that’s going to be what I prefer, plus it seems to be more stable?

      • I guess that depends on how big your hand sewn stitches are. I always try to make them fairly small, but I’ve seen some hand finished binding with stitches 1/2 inch apart. I love that I can get a large quilt bound in an afternoon. Bam, done.

  7. Yay! It looks so great! I like the mix of big bold prints and bright solids.

    I was scared of binding on my first quilt too, but now it is my favorite part. I like the excuse to sit in front of the TV for hours at a time :D! There are a lot of great binding tutorials at Jaybird Quilts if you get stuck along the way.

    • Taryn! Exactly why I’m looking forward to learning this skill. I feel like I need a step that I can do comfortably while watching shows so this will be perfect. I love Jaybird Quilts blog, so I’ll have to check out her tutorials.

  8. Well done! The quilt looks great. I think if you’ve managed the quilting you’ll be fine with the binding. I just winged it with my first one and it looks ok… didn’t hand stitch it properly at all as I used a massive running stitch! I’m still quite a lot afraid of the quilting though. My Bloom Bloom Pow quilt is very large and worried it’s going to end up one big mess!

    • Oh yes, when I get onto my larger projects the quilting fear will return. That’s why I’ve been stocking up on baby quilt tops so that I can practice a few more times. Plus, I think I’ll stick with straight line quilting for a while! hahaha. Have you thought of how you will quilt the Bloom Bloom Pow quilt? It’s so pretty!

  9. I love binding! Especially when you turn that last corner and you realize you are so close to finishing! It’s very exciting to have that finished quilt binding and all! Plus if you plan to use the quilt a LOT you might consider machine sewing it on.

    • Binding is probably really rewarding because you finally get to use it! Haha. Agree with the machine binding, especially on some quilts I have on standby that I want people to use a lot!

  10. You and I are so alike and on such similar steps in our paths. LOL. I was (am?) terrified of quilting and binding, and I have a stack of tops waiting for both. 🙂 Now that I have officially finished one, I have to start busting through the others. Making the binding is easy as pie. I machine bound, because I don’t really get the whole hand binding. That seems not very durable, and I think it would take forever. My biggest issue was making sure I stitched as straight as possible. What looked straight on the back did not when I looked from the front. It wasn’t hard, but was highly imperfect. 🙂

  11. Love the colours. You did a great job on the quilting. A walking foot is a wonderful thing. I also use it to sew the binding on, and sometimes, to sew the binding down. If the quilt is for a baby or child (or I’m in a hurry) I tend to use machine sewing for the binding, so it’s a bit stronger.

  12. Nicely done! I still remember how scary it was to machine quilt on my home sewing machine. After the first quilt, it gets so much easier. Way to go! Don’t get nervous about binding the quilt. It goes fast, so fast that I procrastinate it way too much!

  13. I highly suggest machine binding! I do not have the patience to hand stitch so I’ve been machine binding… results were iffy at first but I think I did ok on my last quilt so I’m hoping I’ll just keep doing better! There’s different ways to do it depending on the result you want too, such as trying to hide your stitching, or even showing it off.

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