Sunday Sewing

Well, New Jersey still has not gotten the memo that it is Spring, going on Summer.  I’m seriously over my North Face and close-toed shoes.  Of course, that also means I need to get a pedicure if I’m ready to get serious about sandals… However, the hubs and I did get a head start on our anniversary vacation by purchasing matching hats and new sunglasses because we are determined to bring on Summer anyway we can.  And if that means pretending in our car with the heat on, by god, we will do it!


Can you tell we are counting down the days?

I might have also started packing… 6 weeks early.

In between packing and buying dresses, I managed to finish the rest of the pieces to the Honey, Honey quilt.  Now I just need to piece all the rows together.


I’m just hoping that all of the seams line up once it’s together.  I also clearly need a larger design wall if I plan on making full sized quilts… the painters tape on the left is not going to cut it.  You might be a quilter if….

Most importantly, tomorrow night is quilt class: on binding.  Eeeeek.  The last class.  By tomorrow I will have a finished quilt.  I am so stinkin excited.  Today I managed to make the binding, which actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Thank you guys for all the tutorials that you shared!  To all my newbie friends, I found this tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts to be really helpful.  In fact, all of her tutorials are really helpful!


Here’s the deal, though.  How do you guys get those super cute tight rolls once you’re done?  Mine kept bunching and I was afraid my hard work with ironing was going to go down the drain.  And we all know I’m not ironing again.

I love this binding.  Love it.  I was inspired by the leaves in the original print and when I saw this fabric I knew it would work.  Today I was even more excited to see it all together – I can’t wait to finish it tomorrow…


While out shopping I spotted this gem for the guest room:


I walked away because it took away from my fabric budget.

You might be a quilter if…

I have a serious problem.  I’ve just found another fabric that I need.  And, yes, I mean need.  I know exactly who the quilt would be for.  Plus, what are you supposed to do – fabrics stop getting printed.  And then I would cry. Of course my friend Jenni said that the quilter who dies with the most fabric wins, so I’m going with that…


Next time I post, I’ll actually be a quilting blogger who has finished a quilt (other than my 6th grade sampler). Imagine that.  I know you guys will be so proud!

I’m linking up with Let’s Get Acquainted Monday hosted over at The Sewing Chick today.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing

  1. I have never ever rolled up a binding! I never thought that it might take a little while to make those rolls. I always drag mine in a long strip behind me from the ironing board straight to the machine, ha! Your Honey Honey quilt is coming along nicely.

    • Ok, whew. Laura, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one not making those rolls. I guess they are for storage? I was dragging mine tonight – straight across all the lint that I still need to sweep up. hahaha. Whoops…

  2. Oh, we’re already proud of you! 😉 I LOVE that binding. The only time I roll mine is when it’s going into a box for storage (in the rare event I have leftovers, or one time I miscalculated and had enough for a second quilt). Otherwise as I iron it, it piles on the floor, then I move the pile to the sewing machine floor area and get sewin’! Binding is a lot more forgiving than you’d expect. Excited to see you finished quilt! They should give out badges or stickers or something.

    • Renee! Thank you! You are the best! I definitely bought some extra of the binding fabric – I might be slightly obsessed 🙂 Glad to know the rollin is for storage. That makes me feel so much better that the quilting police aren’t going to come get me.

      And, YES! There should be a badge or sticker. Omg, I am seriously laughing over here! Love it.

  3. Yep, you totally have to buy that fabric! Either it goes out of print or is set at like 20 bucks a yard eventually 😦 My husband just started jokingly, hopefully, commenting on my fabric stash! Can’t wait to see *the quilt* 😀

    • exactly! the 20 bucks a pop thing really sucks – that’s why i just know i have to buy this fabric! i made it two weeks into my fabric diet… hahahaha.

  4. Ashley, I really enjoyed reading your post! I was smiling all the way through it 😀
    Your Honey Honey quilt looks great – that is such a pretty line of fabric. Funny, I always relate the value of everything to how many yards of fabric it is equal to. Like, $30 for that cow print – that’s 3 yards of fabric!! Makes me think twice about buying things. Thanks so much for linking up with me today – I hope you get to so somewhere warm soon.

    • Thank you, Tessa – I’m so glad I found your blog! That’s exactly the math I do in my head too! haha. You know you’re a quilter when…

  5. Love your matching hats! And the quilt is coming along great, have faith in the seams matching up. Looking forward to seeing a finish too :o)
    Visiting from lets gt acquainted.

    • Thanks for stopping by Karen – I love finding new blogs. The more I piece the better the seams seem to match up, so I should have more faith now 🙂

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