My First Finish

Today is a day for celebration.

While I still have many WiPs:


Hey, Honey Honey, Scraps for Me, Sister’s Ten BOM

and a stack of quilt tops to baste, quilt, and bind…

I finally have a finished quilt!!!

So, here we are…

  • 55 blog posts
  • 7 finished quilt tops
  • exactly 5 months since purchasing my sewing machine
  • 5 sewing lessons
  • endless ripped seams
  • more ironing than I’ve ever done in my entire life

LATER… there is finally a finish!

Monday night I had my last quilt class with Melanie where we focused on binding.  Seriously, seeing everything in person helped so much.  She shared many tips that I’d seen online, and new ones, too.  I am such a visual learner so this class was extremely helpful.

The wine was helpful, too…


Here I am at the end of class… it was so hard to leave that night, but 9:30 was pushing my limits.  Can you tell how happy I am?


I totally stole this photo from Melanie, so be sure to check out the other finished quilts!

Then Melanie set all her little birdies free to do their thing… binding.

Let’s just say that hand binding will be reserved for baby quilts for now.

This is how I spent my nights this week:


Housewives for the win.  Can I get an amen?!

And, drumroll please…



I would like to thank…Oh wait, this isn’t the Academy Awards.

When I first started this journey, I read a quote that said, “A house is not a home until it has a homemade quilt.”  While we are lucky and blessed to have quilts by our grandmothers on our beds and couches, it was truly special to see this on my way to work this morning.


Happy WiP Wednesday, sweet friends!

Hot damn, I’m a quilter now!

27 thoughts on “My First Finish

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    • Thanks, Cath – I’ve ordered my walking foot, more backing fabric, and I’m heading out to buy some batting! I can’t wait to do it again.

  2. Yay! Well done it’s lovely, a really bright and happy quilt 🙂 I’m just finishing mine off now….not finding straight lines as easy as expected, they’re fairly wonky!

  3. I just FB your finish to my quilting friends! I just wanted them to see you sweet, happy, precious face! Congrats on your first finish and your amazing quilt! It’s beautiful!

  4. Congratulations on your first finish! And it’s a beautiful quilt!! I love all the bright colors — I used that same fabric in my grand daughter’s quilt. Love your paper pieced star too.

    • the quilting bug has definitely left its mark – and i’m glad that you have this fabric too – it’s the best! i’d love to see what you made with it – i’ll have to check through your archives 🙂

  5. Hi Ashley…I’m nominating you for the **Super Sweet Blogging Award** I don’t know if you’ve had one of these before, but if so here’s another one! Don’t feel obliged to post. However, if you would like to receive this award, simply copy and paste my post (under Super Sweet Blogging Award entry) at follow the rules, and spread some sweetness of your own!

  6. Congratulations! I love the expression on your face at the end of the blog post–classic happiness shot. I think bindings can be intimidating, so bravo to you for getting it done!

  7. I was just perusing your blog from the blog hop and I ♥ me some Housewives too!! And I do the same thing – endulge in Housewives whilst binding. Best.thing.ever. 😉
    Your blog is super fun!

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