Sister in the City

There are no two people more precious to me than my little sisters.  I’m incredibly lucky in the sibling department, and I enjoy any time that I’m able to see them.  Being 9 and 10 years older than them makes for an interesting relationship dynamic.  It also means that my life has taken me forward and to new places while they are still at home and just starting the college journey.  Since moving away I’ve wanted to fly my sisters to my new homes and take them around, but they were always too young or our schedules never could line up.  Finally, I was able to work out a long weekend visit with Z.  There is nothing that can compare to a sister and I am so glad we were able to have this time together.  I am so proud of who she is and I absolutely love laughing with her.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our weekend!

As soon as she landed in Jersey we headed straight for our favorite local pizza shop, Emma’s.  Basically we “treat” everyone who visits to this establishment… but it’s really a treat to ourselves.


We didn’t stop there, and headed straight to our ice cream parlor.  I don’t think she believed me when I said it had award- winning ice cream flavors, but she’s definitely a believer now.  She went with my favorite, chocolate silk  – smart girl, and we stayed up way too late for our early morning alarm to get to work.  She definitely wasn’t prepared for the 5:30 am wake up (who is?), but she was amazing at school with me!

ImageIt’s always so funny to me when my students meet people in my “real” life.  Their reactions were hysterical and Z fell in love with the kids.  I truly do have the best job.  They also could not come to a consensus on whether or not we looked alike.  It was a highly debated topic and many students did not think we were sisters at all.  We are completely used to this and completely agree!

After school we headed to my LQS to show her where I spend most of my time, and money, and to introduce her to my friends there.  She was equally as smitten with all the gorgeous fabrics and she helped me pick out a few.  Once we got home, we were both dead to the world and decided to take a nap since it was so rainy outside.

4 hours later we woke up.  What?

Dinner at 9:30 pm.


I’m telling you, this place knows food.

Saturday was a trip into NYC.  My sister had only seen it from the highway on our way to Boston, so I was so excited to take her in and show her around.  We packed plenty of things into a one day trip, and I think she’s looking forward to visiting again next year!


First stop: Time Square


Central Park:






Empire State Building:




Then we walked to the other side to show her the view of Uptown and Central Park…

Have I mentioned that I’m terrified of heights?  Well, I am.

The wind kicked up.

They were enjoying taking in the sites and turned to find this:


I was done.  Time to go down.  Hate heights.

Never again.

Then it was onto her request for lunch.  Street Hotdogs.


She was one happy girl…


Until this man walked over and started making this weird noise.

At first one squirrel responded.  Then two more.  Then six were all around him with others joining in.  We caught on quickly that he was calling squirrels.  Then he left.  However, the squirrels stayed!  They were not afraid of humans at all.  One was on the hubs leg, they jumped up on the park bench beside us… it was insane.

The irony is that my sister was attacked by a squirrel when she was five.

I can’t even explain how weird this was:


The hubs thought to show her a Cathedral since he realized she’d probably never seen one.  Great thinking because he was right.  I think she was in awe and commented that she felt like she was in another country.  I always find the windows so inspiring!


Then we found an amazing underground flea market where we thought we’d find some steals.


Of course the one vintage shirt Z really wanted was $225.00.  No.

We finished out the day with a comedy show and dinner:


In one of the sketches they mentioned the T.V. show Wings and I went to hit her arm laughing because I had watched that show with our mom.  Then I realized that she didn’t know this reference because she wasn’t born yet.  Whoops.

Needless to say this was us in Penn Station waiting on the train:


Before she left today we squeezed in one final Jersey treat:


Diner food.

So, there has been little quilting since her arrival, but there was plenty of laughter and fun.


5 thoughts on “Sister in the City

    • Tricia, I know he’s going to love your comment – especially after he put such care into taking them! Haha. It was nice to have him there – for that and as tour guide.

  1. Here’s what I learned from this post: You are short and/or your sister is tall (I love the one of you two on the rock in Central Park!) and there is amazing food out there. I totally watched Wings as a kid, haha.

    • Haha!!! This comment made me laugh. I like to think I’m tall – 5’8 – until I’m around my sister :). She’s 6’2! Yes, literally I eat all the time. Haha. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who watched wings – you would have loved that comedy sketch!

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