Scrappy Inspiration

Last night I sat down with the best of intentions to finish cutting up my Chicopee quilt top and start piecing it together.  The hubs and I were supposed to do a six mile run, but the rain saved the day and gave me extra time with little BerNina.  This should have been the perfect opportunity to make some headway on this quilt top.  I even finished all of the cutting before sudden inspiration hit.  You see, after cutting and organizing the rest of the pieces to go up on the design wall…


(God, I love this fabric!)

I realized that I had 30, 1 inch x 6 inch strips of Chicopee left over.

I was not throwing those away, ya hear?

I pushed the quilt top supplies to the side and pulled out my phone to reference a tutorial I had seen by none other than Molli Sparkles.  You see, this whole Plum and June New Blogger Blog Hop is the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m meeting all these new bloggers, and my bookmarks are getting out of control!  As if I needed anymore inspiration.  But, Molli had me at, “You can iron at the end.”  Be still my heart!  So I quickly sewed together the strips (which are completely not Molli’s measurements, but I prayed that the quilt gods were with me…)


And I ironed at this point!

I might only make this project from here on out…

Here’s where it got funky.  I looked at Molli’s tutorial, oh, about 20 times.  He said measure twice, cut once… I pretended to measure 3 times and again prayed for the best.  Of course, once you cut, you just move along …  I’m easily confused by the angle lines on the ruler.  Anyone else out there?  Just me?  Don’t lie….

ImageHere’s where I realized that 7 squares was a prime number so there was only one array this math teacher was going to be able to create.  So, a 1 x 7 it is.


Here is the beginning of my very first pillow.  I am so excited.  Now I have to wait until I can run to my local LQS to pick up some Kona Cotton.  I’m really hoping that I can find a wine color and create a square pillow with the Chicopee design cutting across it – but off – set.  Not running down the middle.  Have I mentioned that I’ve never made a pillow?  Small details, friends.  I just plan on praying to the quilt gods again and having them work their magic!

As for the leftovers?  I was only left with this little pile of still completely usable Chicopee fabric.  Nobody puts Denyse in the trash!


Happy quilting, y’all.  And, seriously, go check out Molli’s tutorial.  It is way too simple to make something so stunning.  Thanks for sharing your sparkle, Molli!  I know I’ll be making this block again and again!

This lovely Tuesday I’m linking up with Janice at Better of Thread for Sew Cute Tuesday!  Go wish her a happy birthday and stare at her beautiful quilts.  I won’t lie, I’m obsessed!

16 thoughts on “Scrappy Inspiration

  1. Ashley, so great to see your blog on the Blog hop. I love your pics and I can feel your enthusiasm when reading along. Love that you jump from one project to the possibilities of another…so like me! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I can sense how happy quilting makes you through your posts. I love your scrappy star idea – wish I had thought of that and hope you don’t mind if I jump on that train!

  3. Ashley i was So excited to load my reader after a weeks absence and see this fabulous work in progress. Love Love Love how this quilt is looking. Can not wait to see a finished top.

  4. That pillow is going to be beautiful! Love how you used all your scraps too. Sometimes you just have to use everything!

    I am working on a project with small pieces of fabric that need to be sewn together (2″ x 2″ unfinished) and I am using a super lightweight fusible interfacing to hold them together so I can sew straight lines and multiple pieces at a time. Just lay them out in a grid form iron and sew it saves a lot of time and pain.


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  6. Waaaaay to late now, but see that far right block on the second row, and that far left left block on the third row? (in the picture post-cutting on your mat) Sew them together, square up, and you have eight blocks, which is not a prime number. 😉

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