WiP Wednesday

This week, there has been very little quilting.  The school year is winding down, and I have to say, this has to be my all-time favorite class.  So even though I’m exhausted, I’m trying to remind myself that a class like this comes along once every decade.  (I hope?!)  Last night our fourth graders performed A Midsummer’s Night Dream and I was speechless.  I hope I never get tired of teaching young souls and celebrating all they have to offer the world.


(Final rehearsal before the big event.)

Can I just say that I am such a stage mom.  My god, dancing like a fool, waving spirit fingers at my face to brighten theirs, snapping, clapping, etc.  Bless my future child’s heart. I also might have teared up.  (Softy over here!)

Since this week has been crazy, and I got distracted last night by starting a pillow, this is all I have to show for my next quilt top: a plan of attack and the outside borders sewn together.


SimpleChicopee.  Need I say more?

If this fabric was all I got for Christmas over the next 5 years I would be a happy girl.

Up next on my agenda is finish this top and finish this baby quilt – the binding fabric is on its way!  I might be second guessing my quilting plan, but I’m hoping the pins are fine even if I change my mind.


At the risk of scaring myself even more, how would you quilt it?  Remember, I can’t FMQ, and I really like straight lines.  I was considering straight lines, but only in one direction (top to bottom).  Or even more organic wavy lines?  But, then I don’t want it to get too stiff?  What the world?  Help a sister out?

Happy WiP Wednesday, friends! 


11 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. Cute quilt! If you quilt straight lines about 1/2″ apart (or wider) the quilt will definitely not be too stiff. Straight lines running in one direction always add great texture and are quite subtle. If you wanted to make more of a statement with the quilting, you could quilt an X through the middle and then quilt V’s in each quadrant. Or cross-hatch (my favourite!).

  2. I like Adrianne’s idea of an X with v’s in each quadrant! I like the sashing/border you added to the quilt top too. (Also, Psss! *whispering*… Chicopee yardage is on sale at Pink Chalk Fabrics online store…)

  3. Awww what a great profession! They look like they were having a great time on stage!

    Love the colors in your baby quilt!

  4. I love Chicopee too! and your baby quilt is really cute.

    Also, I tear up at the end of every single year. without fail. seemingly no matter how challenging the current class has been! so, I feel ya’!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. As long as your lines are more than 1/4 inch apart, don’t worry about stiffness! Especially for a well loved/washed baby quilt–it will have some softness beat into it if that baby is anything like mine (constant spit up, lots of nekkid time due to rashes, more spit up, and some projectile-complete-stomach-evacuation vomiting, plus scabies and swallow bug repeated washes on HOT and super drying on HOT–I put my quilts through the wringer!). I like the idea of organic wavy lines about 1/2 inch apart.

  6. Ditto all of the above about far-enough-apart lines. You will have to use that little metal bar thing (confession: I didn’t know what that was even FOR until like 6 weeks ago) but I have done a quilt with straight lines .5” apart, which feels kind of store-bought. Nice in a way, but. And I did one with lines >.75” apart, almost 1”, and it was much softer and drapier.

    I’ve also seen people use blue painter’s tape to mark off random intersecting lines every which way across their tops? I looked for a link for you and couldn’t find it…

    but will be interested to see what you come up with. No matter what it will be cute! This top is adorable!

  7. Diagonal lines would be amazing on this!! And ditto Renee. Once it’s been washed and dried a handful of times it will be soft and drapey regardless of the quilting 🙂

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