The Strongest Man We Know

Today is Father’s Day.  A wonderful day set aside to celebrate the men in our lives who have set examples, taken care of us, carried us on their shoulders, and checked for monsters under the beds.  Not a day passes where I am not overly thankful for the fathers in my life.  To my granddads, uncles, and my own father, I am so thankful that the men in my life have shown me that a man respects, cherishes, and enables the women in their lives.  Thank you for always supporting me, encouraging me, and inspiring me to be myself.  Thank you for giving me a clear example of the man I would find to be my own partner once the time came.


Today I am thankful for my father who was truly meant to have three daughters.  Here’s to the early Saturday morning outings to see moo-cows, eat some Sweet Sixteen donuts, and for the Mountain Dew.  Here’s to the times I sat on your lap and learned to drive before I could reach the peddles.  Even today, I’m glad you taught me to parallel park with the best of them.  Today I celebrate the man who shared the newspaper with me everyday and discussed what I was reading, even as a kindergartener.   Thank you for never making us feel like you had wished you had sons, and instead ingrained in us an unshakable feeling of being treasured and your greatest joy.  Thank you for teaching us the rules of football and basketball and always taking us to the games;  I’m pretty sure I was the only second grade girl who knew so much about football.  Thanks for teaching me Lynyrd Skynyrd lyrics and taking me to an Eric Clapton concert when I was five years old.   Thank you for enduring the years when my music tastes shifted from the classics to trendy and you sat through many a car ride listening to N*SYNC.   Thank you for all the turtles you rescued when they crossed the road.  You truly have the biggest heart of any man I know.   Thank you for buying us all the safest car on planet while you drove whatever needed to be driven.  Thank you for all the gas tanks you filled, hamburgers you grilled, and chocolate milkshakes you made.  Thank you for all the walks after dinner and the golden retrievers you loved.  Here’s to all the dorm rooms you’ve packed, apartments you’ve moved, and moving trucks you’ve rented and driven for us.  Thanks for letting me see the world.

More than anything, thank you for teaching me to respect myself.  That was your greatest gift.  For knowing that you think I am perfect and that “she can do anything she wants” has give me the most freedom in my life.  I hope you know how much we love and treasure you.

Cheers to you, Daddio, you’ll always be the strongest man we know.


Images: Story Photographers


10 thoughts on “The Strongest Man We Know

  1. what a wonderful tribute to what sounds like an amazing Daddy. My Dad is a dad to only girls as well, and it is such a blessing to have been shown what a truly good man is, and because of that, to know how to choose one for myself. It certainly sounds like your Dad is special!

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