Pillow Talk

Let’s just say I need some more pillow talk.  Or, pillow time, rather.  Today is the last day of school.  Thank God.  Bets on how long it takes me to catch up on sleep?

Last night I went to the Northern New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild meeting and left completely inspired and as the newly voted in Secretary!  I also left slightly poorer.  Finally, I left without the quilts I took for show and tell.  Again, I am exhausted and running on fumes.  So, instead of showing you the finished granny square quilt today because it’s still at RPS, I’ll show you the pillow I worked on last night using this tutorial.

This all started with some left over Chicopee scraps and a Molli Sparkles miracle tutorial.  Last night I bought the rest of the top fabric, and the backing fabric (more to come on that!).  Obsessed.

Here’s the finished top:


And here’s the top quilted and “in” it’s place:


Now I just have to sew on the back flaps and bind this puppy.  I am so excited to have some Chicopee on the guest bed.  Also, I used a pillow that I already had in the living room for this project, so we all know what this means.  Target, here I come, for a new living room pillow.  I know how much my husband loves all the pillows we have on the couch……….

10 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Gorgeous! That really is your shade of purple, madame secretary. I can’t believe you had the energy to sew when you got home! Though it was so inspiring to see everyone’s work. Hooray for the last day of school!

  2. It looks awesome — the Magenta is fab! Enjoy your summer, MD schools have been out two weeks already, I was surprised to learn PA, NJ and NY schools are still in session!

  3. Okay, well now that school is out I hope that you will be doing enough quilting for the BOTH of us for the next month! Your pillow is so awesome, I love the colors and fabrics! You need to tell me where that beetle pillow is from–also awesome. And my son is a buggy kids…maybe for his new room!

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