Back at it

Seven days of sunshine later I’m back in the homeland and ready for some sewing.  While I spent my days lounging by the water, enjoying some drinks, and reading seven books…

ImageI have to say, I missed my fabrics, sewing machine, design book, and the quilting community.  Around the resort I snapped inspirational pictures for future quilts, planned out color schemes, and wondered what was getting made and shared while I was away.  Of course I rested and enjoyed myself, too. 

Now I’m packing for 4 weeks in North Carolina, catching up on blog readings, and of course sewing!  Before I pack up my machine I wanted to finish one more quilt top.  I’ll be taking I don’t know how many quilt tops to NC to get quilted.  Probably way too many.  I’m hoping to teach my sister… hahaha.

Here it is:




It felt good to be back at it, even using the iron!  I’m excited to finally get to quilting some larger quilts and I hope I can con other people into helping me bind.  Now I’m off to check out the bloggers from the New Blogger Blog Hop and all of my other favorites!  Be sure to check out the blogs that are up this week (I am so behind)- they include a lot of my favorites!

Stitched in Thyme
Factotum of Arts
The Sassy Quilter
So Sew Green
The Rainbow Revolts
Little Mushroom Cap
Kayak Quilting
Sew Sunshine

Today I’m linking up with WiP Wednesday over at Freshly pieced (about 12 hours later than I normally do – go summer!) and Needle and Thread Thursday over at My Quilt Infatuation!  


19 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Love this quilt Ashley! Love the design. Have fun in NC. Hope you win over another quilter:)

  2. That quilt top looks great! What size is it going to be? Enjoy your trip to NC!

    P.S. what books did you read on vacation? Anything good?

  3. I LOVE me a strip quilt! The gray looks really cool with this fabric. It looks like your vacation was awesome and if you got to read seven books- very relaxing! Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly

  4. love this quilt top! what a fun idea. I have a few jelly rolls that I haven’t done anything with…maybe I will do something like this for 100 quilts for kids!

  5. Gorgeous Chicopee top, Ashley! Sometimes with really good fabrics something so simple is really the best. (SEVEN BOOKS?! Holy cow. You’re going to have to share which ones and which ones were any good. I only managed one–Nickel and Dimed–because the second one–Wise Children–is a terrible chore. So I am in need of a good read!)

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