Summer Quilting

Whew, I am so happy to be back in the homeland.  With only 48 hours under my belt, I’ve already visited my favorite local quilt shop, basted a quilt, and started quilting the St. Louis 16 Patch.  Of course, when I visited the LQS, my original teacher was not there so I couldn’t show the suitcase of quilts I’d brought with me… which means I’ll have to go back.  Darn.  🙂 

I did walk away with some new fabric, thread, and quilting gadgets.  Now, let me just say this.  If you do not have a Kwik Klip – get one.  Basting went so much faster, and I didn’t break one nail.  Hallelujah.  This tool is genius – well worth $10.00.


I loved having this tool and the floor space to baste now that I’m home:


My mom even mopped the floor for me before I started.


Of course, my little sister was done after ironing the backing…



Now that this quilt is all basted I’ve started quilting my first “large” quilt.  So far it’s going really well and I’m enjoying it.  My mom helped me pick out the thread and I LOVE it!


Plus I’m getting to use my new quilting gloves!  I don’t know if I could have done a larger quilt without them.  If you’re just starting out quilting, I would say this is a tool not to skip!


Plus, my mom has taken an interest in the blog and wanted to document me quilting with my new gloves in my quilting space away from home.  She cleaned out my little sister’s office alcove and now I get to have two tables.  I may never leave.


Off to quilt!  Happy quilting, y’all!


10 thoughts on “Summer Quilting

  1. Well that sounds like a FANTASTIC start of a home vacation. I wanted to buy a kwik klip the moment I first saw one, but couldn’t quite justify it. So I made one out of a take-out chop stick by cutting two grooves at the end of it…maybe not quite as ergonomic, but works soooo much better than my poor fingers and nails!

  2. What a great welcome home. So nice that you were able to pick up some cool tools. You look very deep in concentration and looks like you are powering through that quilting 🙂

  3. This post is all sorts of hilarious! I just started quilting my latest too and I don’t have gloves. Since you said, that’s it, I’m gettin me some gloves! It’s funny because I see so much of me in you with the touchdown and straight into quilting, hunched over a sewin machine draped in a giant quilt, and I believe that looks like some Aurifil!? (And in electric yellow! Sassy as you wanna be!) Keep on truckin girl!

  4. Love that backing fabric…that picture brought back memories, the quilt over one shoulder! You should see my gloves, I found them amongst the shower gels, their true role in life is to exfoliate….but they’re pink and they have glitter!

  5. Enjoy your time with your mom and sis, thats awesome that they made some quilting space for you during your visit! I can’t wait to see it quilted. Are you doing straight line or some other motif?

  6. There is no stopping you now. You got an amazing amount done in 48 hours. You are the second person to mention the kwik klip. I have to get one now and see what the fuss is all about.

  7. Looks like a good setup! Good tools too. I like the thread too, can’t wait to see it. You may never come back:)

  8. I’m with Molli, is that Aurifil?! I have been thinking about getting a kwik kilp…and also some gloves. Funny how I will balk at like $30 of notions and $30 of fabric I’m like, whew, getting off cheap. Enjoy your family. It’s wonderful that you are able to spend a chunk of time at home in the summer like this!

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