St. Louis 16 Patch: Chicopee Style

It’s finished, y’all!  My first “big” quilt.  I’m so glad I put on my big girl quilting panties and just did it. This one will probably be the hardest to give away to date, only because I can actually cuddle underneath it unlike all of my baby quilts!  So, without further ado – here is my St. Louis 16 Patch: Chicopee Style!



Here’s one where you can see the binding and the quilting:


I am pretty much obsessed with this scrappy back:


Here’s the binding up close:


Words I never thought I’d say: I’m better at hand binding.  While machine binding went much faster, I did make some mistakes.  I should have read Kelly’s binding tutorial before I started, not 4 hours after I finished.  You live and learn, folks.  I’m sure this gets easier with practice too and I definitely want to practice in an effort to save time!

Final Quilt Stats:

  • Fabric: Chicopee and Shelburne Falls
  • 56 inches x 70 inches
  • Quilted by ME on my Bernina 215
  • Pattern: St. Louis 16 Patch

So many exciting things to come after this beauty helped me get over my fear of “large quilts”.

Happy quilting, y’all!

Today I’m linking up with TGIFF!


34 thoughts on “St. Louis 16 Patch: Chicopee Style

  1. I didn’t read any of it–but I will soon. Just wanted to say I loooove your photos–please take me with you next time you go home!

  2. Congratulations! Your quilt looks fantastic. I like that you pulled the greens-blues and left out the pinks-oranges. The colors look so Maine-summer-cabin-y to me right now. I am jealous of your NC photos. And you’re making me want to do one of these 16-patch quilts.

  3. Great job! I’ve been quilting two years and I try to have a quilt at the hand-quilting stage. I enjoy having something to work on while I watch tv with the hubs and I don’t feel rushed. Plus, I get to enjoy my creations for a few more hours before I give them away. It’s a nice way to say good-bye!

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  5. Looks great Ashley! Don’t be too hard on yourself, I think the binding looks just fine. It definitely is a little harder to be perfect when on the machine, but worth the speedy-ness:) I think, anyway.

  6. Beautiful finish! I’m with ya on tr machine/hand binding, yet I stubbornly continue to do the former even though I know I’m more likely to make mistakes! Gah!

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