The Motherload

First up, thank you for all of the love you shared with me over the Chicopee finish!  That post reminded me (like I had forgotten, haha) why I love blogging.  You have kept me encouraged, motivated, honest, and inspired.  I truly don’t think my quilting would be this far along without this blog and the friends I have met over the past 7 months (where has the time gone?!).  Today I’m basting two more quilts, which means I will have three quilts basted and ready to quilt!  I’ve also started cutting my next project that I hope to finish before I leave NC!  Of course, this is being made much easier because I have some serious helper elves while at home!



Yes, that is my Mammaw and baby sister folding and ironing my newest quilt fabric so that I could cut faster.  I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal and everything was cut and ready for me to sew today in record time.  Unfortunately I can’t rent them out because I’m selfishly keeping them for myself.

Here’s the next quilt ready to start…


Don’t you love sneak peaks?

The Motherload

What might that be?  Well, my Mammaw mentioned that she had fabric from her quilting days (she is a wonderful seamstress, designed patterns, made skirts/dresses/quilts, etc.).  She tried to play modest, all “You might not like them,” but I wasn’t buying it.  You guys, she pulled down a box with multiple quilts already started that she and my mother had cut 30 years ago!  I’m talking tulips, Dutch Boy/Girl quilts, appliqued gingham dogs, and butterflies.  I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am over this jackpot, but I can share the one I’m starting first.


An applique butterfly quilt!

She and my mother could tell me the dresses these butterflies were cut from, and we spent two hours talking about the design and a plan of attack to get this quilt finished.  She even has the backing fabric as well!  Now I’ll have to add appliqueing to my list of “Need-to-Learn”… and fast!

Happy Quilting!


16 thoughts on “The Motherload

  1. That is so cool! Applique is not very hard and If you like the rough/raw edged applique, it is even easier. Applique is just turning under 1/4″ of the fabric as you sew it down (some people do it ahead of time and also iron it). For rough/raw edge applique, you skip the turning under part and use a small, tight zigzag stitch. Much faster, but I prefer turned,

  2. SO jealous! What a great story those fabrics have. I wish someone in my family had quilted – I would love to have a project like that!

  3. What a sweet story! That’s so wonderful that the quilt has so much history behind it. I’m going to agree with Emily, appliqué is a lot easier than it looks. Hand or machine both aren’t bad. Turned appliqué can be a little technical when it comes to curves, but you’ll get a lot of practice with those butterfly wings. 🙂

  4. I inherited an appliqué butterfly wip from my great-grandmother! I also have…fancy umbrella ladies and half a million Sunbonnet Sues. Are you going to finish them straight up, or try and make them modern? Isn’t it amazing to be a third-fourth generation quilter?!

  5. So jealous! I love those butterflies! You are a lucky lady to have such great helpers with great history!

  6. I received a lot of fabric from my nana a lot of leftovers from quilts she made for my family 🙂 it’s great sneaking a little piece of family history into a quilt!

  7. How beautiful and how lucky for you too share this with your beautiful family. Days and treats like these are treasured for all off time! I just love the butterflies and the sneak peaks and the cutting. Colours look amazing! Enjoy all the love! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wooooah! I am so very jealous of your help but also that fabric!!!!!!! The butterflies!!! Coincidentally I’m trying my first real applique project right now! I took Sarah Fielke’s class on Craftsy and I hiiiighly recommend it. I’m as obsessed with her as you are with Denyse. 😉

  9. Wow this post was so inspiring to read! I love coming from a family of crafters but I know I won’t be finding a hidden stash like that! Those butterflies are stunning, and gosh so meaningful! It’s amazing that they can recall all the dresses. I’m sure that quilt will be loved by many when it’s complete. I can’t wait to see it take shape 🙂

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