Summer Sewing Continues

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve done a better job of sewing this summer than blogging. Whoops. Can I blame it on the fact that my laptop is fritzing out? Yes? Good! I’m buying a new one this week and then we can resume our lovely bloggy relationship :). Also, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, what’s up with that? Exactly, make it happen!

I have a project that’s almost ready to reveal and I’m so proud of myself.

*pats shoulder*

I’ve turned this lovely bundle…

Into some adorable St. Louis 16 Patch blocks. Since we all know I’m obsessed with them like I was N*SYNC back in middle school…

Finished piecing the top, and basted it with a little help from my friends…

This dog is perfection, you guys.
Quilted it with my amazing straight line design that I think I might trademark before long…

And finished the binding yesterday!

So, it wasn’t quilt in a day, friends, but I did finish this project in less than a week. From the girl who spent five months resisting anything but piecing a top we have made serious progress!!

Also, I wrote this post on my iPhone … It’s come to this. Don’t forget to go check out the bloggers up this week on Plum and Junes summer blog hop. I have really enjoyed reading more about some amazing quilters and meeting new friends. Finally, get ready for some email overload when I buy my new computer. It’ll be like Christmas in July for ya.

Happy Monday and happy quilting, friends!


8 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Continues

  1. Fantastic near finish (can’t wait to see the final reveal!). You’ve made so muh progress this summer 🙂 I’m inspired to keep at it myself now too!

  2. Excited to see all these up and coming posts…love the fabric it’s gorgeous as usual! I feel your pain with the laptop….. mine’s still ‘doing my head in’ to use a classic uk phrase. Sadly my phone is worse so I’m sticking to wiggling the screen about every two seconds and squinting!

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