WiP Wednesday

This is a special WiP Wednesday.  While I have way too many WiPs right now, there is one that has not only a timeline but a very special purpose.  My beautiful sister has decided to host a Brave the Shave event for St. Baldricks, and she intends to be a shavee come October 12th.  You can read more about her choice to go bald to end childhood cancer here or head over to the blog to read more about all the other shavees.

Initially I was just going to donate money and attend her event, but then I realized that there is a way I can (hopefully) raise more money.  This summer I decided to make a charity quilt for Z to auction off before and during her event.  We haven’t ironed out all of the details yet, BUT get ready for your chance to win one of my quilts AND donate money to cancer research.  Either way, you win.

For this quilt I was inspired by Samantha over at Always Making Life Prettier who just recently made a beautiful Belle Wave quilt using the free pattern from Faith over at Fresh Lemon Quilts.  I have been wanting to make this quilt, but I couldn’t decide on a fabric choice.  Once I knew I was making this for Z, and as a charity quilt, I knew I wanted to use one of my all-time favorite collections: Cameo by Amy Butler.  You’ll notice that it’s up there in my header along with Chicopee.  These were the very first collections that I bought when I first started quilting, and I’ve yet to cut into either FQ bundle until now.  It was going to take something special – and I’m so glad I finally did!

I spent all day cutting a stack of rectangles – and using up all of the kona white I had been stashing.


These fabrics are so gorgeous and I love the color scheme of the Cameo line.  It’s just perfect.  In Faith and Samantha’s quilt they used their fabrics more than once in the blocks, but I decided to include as many prints in this quilt as I could.  Of course.


Because, really, which one could I leave out?


And here is an initial layout picture to tide you over until I have the quilt top finished and sewn together!


 It’s currently up on the design wall, and I hope to have it all sewn together by this weekend.  Overall, I am so happy with how this quilt is turning out, and I can’t wait to get this one basted, quilted, and bound.  Also, be on the lookout for how to *win* this quilt coming SOON.


18 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

    • hey liz,

      how are you?! i’m hoping to have the top pieced this weekend – but i am loving these fabrics (what’s not to love?) we’re going to do an online/event auction where anyone who donates a certain amount will get a certain amount of tickets. we’re thinking: $5 for 1 ticket and $10 for 3 tickets. then we’ll have all the names in a hat and she can pull it – or something a little fancier. hahaha. but that way, everyone feels like they have a chance to win it. she’s in college, so i figured most people wouldn’t have tons of money, plus i just want to help her raise money for a good cause. btw. i am really obsessed with your bee blocks. seriously.

  1. That is going to be beautiful. I have wanted to make that pattern too but I don’t have a collection to use. This is going to be wonderful for the cause.

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