Granny Squares… I mean, Cousin Squares

*I can’t start today without saying a huge thank you for those of you who have donated to my sister’s fundraising efforts.  Especially those of you who have more quilts and fabrics than you know what to do with!  It’s made me realize even more how much love and support there is in my community of friends.  You all are amazing.*

This week, I put Janice’s wavy tutorial to the test and I LOVE it.  I literally sat my computer on my sewing table and scrolled down as I completed each step.  It was like she was there holding my hand.  The whole time.  Yep, I’m that student in class.

I’m so glad that Michelle over at Factotum-of-Arts encouraged me to give this quilting style a try and shared this tutorial.  Plus, my mom told me to put on my big-girl panties and from just straight-line quilting.

Baby steps, friends.

Here’s a preview of the quilting!



I just love the texture that this brings to the quilt!

I even got to put my label on a quilt for the first time:


You love it, right?  I got them from Ananemone Labels over on Etsy!  She was amazing to work with, and she quickly had 24 precut labels in my hands.  I know I’ll be using her again!

Now the quilt is sitting here, looking almost ready to be shipped off to my adorable little cousin.


Off to finish the binding!


Happy quilting, sweet friends!


19 thoughts on “Granny Squares… I mean, Cousin Squares

  1. Great (almost) finish, Ashley! I was sew going to use that quilting method yesterday for my latest project, but went with straight lines. Maybe next time? Thanks for taking the plunge for me! Your quilting looks awesome!

  2. Ashleyyyyyy, your work continues to be inspiring. I’m on vacation at the beach and haven’t been able to get your beach themed quilt out of my head. There’s no sewing machine here so I’ve been spending my time ordering fabrics online–the hubbs will be delighted to see all of these packages when we come back home (i’m sure!). I also need to move away from straight line quilting–there needs to be a movement 🙂 I can’t get the link to work…is it just me??

  3. Whew! Get ready for some major comment love – 1) I love this quilt – have loved all the granny squares WIPs and colors and fabrics and all of it! 2) I love the quilting – great departure from SLQ and it looks awesome on this quilt! 3) I love love love your labels. I have been looking for some on etsy and quickly popped over and ordered some myself for my upcoming finishes!! (Got the vintage sewing machine – so cute! – now the Hubs needs to buy me a machine to match the labels – right?). 4) Love that binding! What a lucky cousin. Have a great weekend gal!

  4. Oh I can’t wait to see this finished quilt! I have been waiting for the right quilt to do the ultra-wave quilting on! Nice job gettin’ on your big girl panties! Once I figure out a new name for my quilting ventures, I think buying some labels like that is in order!

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