Cousin Squares: Finished!

So, first things first.  I know I’m behind on responding/commenting/being a good friend.  This week has been a crazy whirlwind, task lists, and late nights to prepare for school to open next week!  While this is always an exciting time, I have to leave a few hours to sleep.  A few.  Also, in case you missed it, this week was also a dream because I highjacked Molli Sparkles blog.  Dreams do come true people.  Then, I also finished Granny Squares Cousin Squares.

Way back in March when I was just into making quilt tops, and I was terrified of actually quilting, I made one of my all time favorite quilts.  (Which is saying something since I’ve only been quilting for like, 8 months, so I’m being slightly melodramatic.)  My Granny Squares Cousin Squares quilt.

My mom’s family is kind of crazy.  She was 13 and 14 when her younger brothers were born.  Consequently, they are 11 and 12 years older than me.  I’m 10 and 9 years older than my sisters.  Did you follow that?  Basically, we’re all kinds of confused when it comes to generation level.  I always wished that my uncles were really my brothers, and they probably found me just as annoying as a little sister.  Now, I’m 28 and my Uncle Phil has a baby girl.  Well, she’s now 2.  She’s literally adorable and has brought so much more fun to all family activities – because let’s be serious, little ones make everything better.  So, when I set out to make this quilt, I wanted to include fabrics that represented family members for her to know how loved she is.  There is a hummingbird for our grandfather, flowers for my grandmother and father, a Navy block for her Uncle who is in the Navy, ladybugs for my mom, a girl reading for her cousins, etc.

I’m literally so excited to mail this off to her – I can’t wait to hear about her reaction!  This is a huge milestone for me as well since it’s the first time I didn’t straight-line quilt.  Movin’ on up, people!

Without further ado, here she is!  I hope you’re ready for photo overload!






See that, do you spy my quilt label?!


And finally, my favorite part, the binding!



I am so proud of this quilt!

Final Quilt Stats:

  • Cousin Squares
  • 48 in. x 60 in.
  • Fabrics:  Everything.  The kitchen sink.
  • Quilted: By me on my Bernina 215

34 thoughts on “Cousin Squares: Finished!

  1. This quilt turned out SO nice! It’s perfect for a 2 year old, she is going to LOVE it–first as a sweet present from you, then for the i-spy factor, then about the sentimental pieces of it. It’s a treasure! That size is perfect for little ones too.

  2. It is so pretty! I love everything about this quilt, especially the movement that the quilting gives it! It looks so soft and cuddly! Good luck with starting the new school year!

  3. You should be proud because it’s gorgeous! I love the quiting 🙂 Good luck with the start of the school year, schools started last Weds here in MD… So early!

  4. I love this quilt, Ashley! It’s so bright and very appealing to the eye. Good work! You amaze me at how fast you can spit these things out!

  5. Another beautiful quilt Ashley! Great choice of fabrics and the colours really stand out against the white….PLUS… it goes without saying that the quilting is spectacular!!

  6. I LOVE the colors in this quilt! It is so perfect! Also all the little reminders of her family through fabric is brilliant! Great job quilting too Ashley.

  7. You should be proud! I love how the quilting turned out, it’s awesome. Hooray for moving on from straight-line quilting–which is still great but a girl needs options. It ‘s great that you added the little family- reminder I spy elements. My daughter would flip for that so I know it will be a hit!

  8. Adorable! Who wouldn’t love this?!!
    I actually have one pin basted and ready to quilt myself. Not sure why I put it away? LOL Yu have inspired me. I am going to drag it out and push it to the front of the line!

  9. Totally on board with this. This is a very clever way of presenting the family tree without being too literal. It’s really an accumulation of metaphors that comprise a larger metaphor. Clever, I said.

  10. This is lovely! I have one of these quilts on my to do list and seeing yours makes me want to get started!
    You’re family sounds just as messed up age-wise as mine. My mom is the third oldest of 10 kids with 20 years age difference between the oldest and youngest. My youngest uncle is only 6 years older than I am and we were best of buds as kids.

  11. Ashley! This is so perfect. I just love the way you quilted it. It has such a great flow to it. I have been a bad blog friend recently too:( Busy time of year. Glad to get back over here and see all your fabulousness:) The binding is super cute and looks so perfect for machine binding. I have yet to get mine that straight by machine. Great finish!

  12. Hey, we are all a little crazy right now, trying to get our new classes started and juggle all the “how did that go wrong” balls in the air (juggling a few myself right now!). But this quilt is wonderful, and what a wonderful story.

    Bravo! And have a good start to your year!

  13. Ah! I love the binding, and the backing of these. Kudos on a label – I still can’t wrap my head around labeling before I’m finished. OOPS! Lol.

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