I’m alive and I survived my first week with students.  There wasn’t a lot of sewing, emailing, communicating, or cooking.  In fact, there was very little of anything other than teaching, teaching, and teaching.

ImageThis picture is a pretty accurate representation of my week.  I will say though that I made it through with the help of my friends.  So many of you sent me emails – which totally made my week.  I did manage to start a baby quilt that needs to be finished ASAP.  I love that babies provide the best deadlines!  I hope to have it finished by Friday… we shall see…

I’m going with a nautical theme, using the Don’t be Crabby line, and I love it!  I’m playing with the whole idea of portholes, and I can’t wait to quilt this sucker.  I’m using fusible interfacing for the circles, and then using some zig-zag stitch on my machine.  I know, I’m so helpful.

One little fishy, done.


A stack of circles, done.


I just love these happy circles!


And, finally, here’s the layout for the quilt top.


What you expected a good photo at 11:00 pm?  Ha.

Now I’m just sewing these suckers to the fabric.  You see, I thought this quilt top would come together quickly.  Until I started stitching them to the top.  No one prepared me for this.


Baby zig-zag stitches are so not my thing.

1 down.  14 to go.

Oh, and  happy day.  My 100th post is coming up this week and I have a super sweet giveaway that I want to keep for myself – get excited!


17 thoughts on “Portholes

  1. That fabric is adorable, and I am here empathizing with teaching cutting into quilting time. I had to grade a paper before I could really settle into working on my table runner project this afternoon, and I have more to grade over the rest of the weekend 😦 But, I’m gonna fit quilting time in there too!!

  2. Great to hear from you Ashley! Circles are not easy to applique on but you will be fabulous by # 14. Love the fabric ….gorgeous. Congrats on your up coming 100th post. Have a fabulous day……..Marie x

  3. That zigzag stitch is legitimately hard to do around a curved piece. I almost find hand-applique less frustrating! It’s going to be so cute in the end though. You’re amazing to have the energy to sew at the end of the day. Only a real quilter could do it.

  4. Did it feel like you fell into the really, really deep end? I have been thrashing there since I too went back to teaching 3 weeks ago – We must remember to carve out time for ourselves. Looking forward to your baby quilt finish.

  5. I also feel like those first weeks are just me standing at the front of the classroom going blah blah blah and I can’t wait until the class is really rolling and everyone participates. Congrats on getting through the week!

    And those circles look like you’ll be busy for a while!

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