Portholes, baby

First things first, don’t forget to comment on my 100th post giveaway if you haven’t already.  Thank you to everyone who has left new lines for me to covet.  Y’all are the best… said no budget ever.

Now onto quilts.  A finished quilt, at that!

Get ready to sail with these one, friends.  A sweet friend of mine is expecting a baby boy any day now, and I can’t wait to gift this quilt.  When I heard the nursery theme, I immediately started envisioning portholes and waves.  I think it’s been achieved!

ImageI just love these prints and that the quilting looks like ripples.  And, if you’re staring at the binding (like me), don’t worry, we’ll get there!  First, let’s check out the back.  I mean, really – is there a cuter print?




Why yes, yes those are little lobsters.  I KNOW!



I have to say it, give me a second to brag.



I just love these adorable nautical prints, the tiny zig-zag applique stitches, and these lobsters.  It’s really all about the lobsters.  Does anyone else love binding the most on their quilts?

I’m linking this baby up to every Friday party!  Happy Friday and quilt on, friends.


31 thoughts on “Portholes, baby

  1. Come do my binding corners for me. I’ll pay you in fabric. I HAVE CHICOPEE.

    No really those are perfect. A fabulous job! A very sweet little-boy quilt (and I am so girl-stuff biased, too).

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I can’t believe you managed to finish this so quickly. Love all the fabric, the lobster binding is awesome and those corners…… Great work!

  3. First it was the circles caught my eye, then I thought the quilting was amazing, then the backing grabbed my eye and I fell in love with it, but those lobsters… just too cute. All all round fabulous quilt.

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