Sunday Sewing … and Stash

Oh, friends.  School has started back and the black hole of work has opened wide.  Wide, I tell you.  However, I put my foot down and said, “I will sew.  Even if it’s at 1:00 am on a Saturday.”  We quilters have to do what we have to do.  Also, a sweet student from last year came to see me on Thursday and this was our conversation:

Student: Have you been working on any quilts?

Me: Yes!  Here are some pictures.

Student:  I really miss talking about quilting.

So, in spite of work, I managed to make my husband’s weekend by doing this:


He was THRILLED to have me take over the living room.  Somehow I wonder if the deadline to be out by Sunday night tells me his real feelings… I’m working away on a very special quilt and I can’t wait to send it to the other side of the world.

And, and, and – almost all of my ScrapBeeLicious blocks are in and I can’t wait to show you guys the finished quilt top.  It is GORGEOUS.  These bee mates of mine are SPECTACULAR.  Now I just need to get started on Gwendellyn’s scrappy trip-along blocks!  Which we all know means I’m going to want to make one now… great!

But, what would a crazy week be without a fabric purchase?  Exactly, nothing but a bad week.  So I turned this week into a win by ordering some Flea Market Fancy with the help of Michelle’s amazing gift card – and let me tell you, I’m smitten.


Denyse stays wrapped up in plastic.  You know the drill.

Like your grandmother’s fancy couch.




I am so itching to cut into these beauties and I’m so ecstatic to add some more Denyse to my stash.  Can someone please tell Denyse that she’s my girl?

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway … stay tuned!

Happy Sunday, Happy Week, Happy Quilting!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing … and Stash

  1. Love your living room setup! Siiiiigh FMF. I still haven’t used my FQ bundle and like a crayzee person ordered a whole pile of yardage when it was like $4/yd at Sew Fresh that one day. I can’t wait to see what yours becomes! Denyse Schmidt is coming to the New England Quilt museum in Nov, I’m hoping to go see her lecture. She’s amazing.

  2. Love it all, the fact you took over the lounge…the wonderful fabric. I am so glad you could get some time in. I know how you feel though…..I wrote my to do list and I am going to need all the time in the day….I see early mornings in my future too 🙂

  3. Your living area looks so cozy with quilts hung over the couches! The only print of the FMF that really catches my eye is the flowers on blue…the others I’d never miss. But! I have seen some beautiful quilts made with it, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you make 🙂

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