Well, friends, I’ve gone and done it.  You knew this was coming.  I’ve finally free-motion quilted a quilt.  Yes, a full sized quilt.  Now, it was not without strife.  Friday night, I sat down and just did it.  I went for it, and while it wasn’t perfect, I was oh so very proud of myself.

So I ran to my husband just before midnight and said, “How do you like it?!”

While you might have already guessed… he hated it.

I think I can paraphrase pretty well, “You’ve taken something I loved, with such clean lines and ruined it. Some of my curves look like jagged icicles.  Can you take it out?”

Wait, excuse me?  Take out all of these curved lines – are you out of your mind?

I’d rather load the dishwasher, and we know that’s not happening, sweetheart.

So, I put out a call to my quilting friends, where you all sided with me (THANKS, loves), and I finally finished quilting it on Sunday.

What do you think?




It might not be perfect, and I learned a lot along the way.  However, can we all agree that my husband was wrong?


In closing, the quilt is actually finished now – and weather permitting/nothern sun disappearing all of the sudden, I will post the finished product on Friday!  Also, my husband is generally the best, and there is no one I’d rather do life with.  And, to be fair, they did look like jagged icicles at first, but I knew that they’d all blend in eventually.  Quilting can be so forgiving… unlike an insulted wife…


40 thoughts on “Free(dom)

  1. Congrats on a great job. I’ve only free motion quilted a cushion cover – working my way up to a whole quilt. You are dedinitely right to have given it a go – looks lovely.

  2. Hahaha…Is your husband related to mine? Like you, I wouldn’t trade mine for the world, but when it comes to quilting and crafting…he needs to zip his lip! He says my sewing room is a mess (until I showed him pictures of rooms that really WERE a mess and warned him I don’t EVER want to hear that sentence again), stashes are the result of hoarding, dresden plates aren’t good because he has never seen them on the wall of the one and only quilt store he has ever been in, pieced blocks and embroidered blocks can’t be in the same quilt, and scrappy quilts of any kind are “ugly”. EXCUSE ME? All you have done, sweetie, is guarantee you will NEVER get a quilt from me, lol. Freeze if you must, but you have tread upon thin ice and now you’re in the drink! Ha! Good thing I love him so much!

  3. I think this quilting looks great! Especially for your first FMQ quilt, wow. All you will see are the flaws because you are a quilter and a perfectionist, but once you wash it it will look a zillion times better. My husband is always sensitive and encouraging about the FMQ issue because he knows I’m nervous about it. He likes to offer color selection and binding advice but any quilting I do just “looks great–that doesn’t look like a mess at all!” Ha!

  4. Love the “organic” curves! I think it creates a lovely contrast between the sharp, pointy chevrons. Looking forward to the finish reveal and congrats on FMQ!

  5. it looks great!! fantastic first time FMQ!! My husband told me something similar about my quilting on that same quilt! He was a little more diplomatic, though and said, “Well. Now she’s more likely to USE it since it isn’t perfect anymore – now that you’ve quilted it.” Gotta love ’em. He was right, my quilting WAS crap, so I ripped it out and changed plans. ended up being a hard quilt to give away! (here’s mine if you want to see it )

  6. Love it, love it, love it! He is totally wrong! The organic lines add a nice contrast to the straight ones and I love how you did the quilting in the white part. It really makes those chevrons pop out!

    Your last sentence is cracking me up! My husband once told me that one of my projects was cute, but not as cute as *I* thought it was. WHAT!? I still am irritated about that one LOL!

  7. I LOVE it, but I also really like asymmetry in life…Forrest is a math guy – he likes it to all be kind of neat and tidy. Different strokes for different folks.

  8. I think it looks fantastic. What a great choice to add texture in the white space. I’m sure it change the quilt dramatically and for the better. Well done. Can’t wait to see it bound!

  9. That’s a pretty amazing first try. My first FMQ was kind of awful. Once I washed it, it just crinkled and you’d never know.

  10. I’m so sorry he wasn’t more supportive, even if he didn’t like it! That was probably really hard for you to deal with. I’ve been pretty grumpy at my husband when he’s said things like that. But luckily Forest has a chance to redeem himself a little bit when you’re done with the quilt by Ooohing and Aaahhing over how it all came together so nicely and even though he didn’t like it at all to begin with you and your improving skills have won him over! And if he can’t get it together, then just remember that the only person it really comes down to impressing is yourself–do YOU like it? Do you think the recipient will like it? But since you asked for my opinion, here it is: I like it, I think it fills the white space really well and adds some interest to it. It also adds a lot of interesting texture to the quilt, and probably feels awesome to touch and cuddle with. If it were my quilt, I’d probably add quilting to the colored chevrons and border too (like straight lines going the long way), but even without that it’s very visually appealing. Keep it up! There’s always gonna be haters. You’re doing an amazing job of expanding your quilting horizons and breaking out of your comfort zones–you deserve big kudos on that alone!

  11. I think you did a fantastic job!! I think the hubby needs some time out 😉

    Also, thank you so much I got your thank you card today, it is such a wonderful thought and I so needed it today.

  12. Big congrats on your first free motion quilted quilt, it looks great. I think hubby needs to go on the naughty step and learn when to stay shtum!! :o)

  13. I think it looks fabulous Ashley! I can’t believe its your first try. Unfortunately we have got to start somewhere and just do it:) What a wonderful result from your bravery! Can’t wait to see the whole thing done.

  14. yay!! I think the quilting looks fabulous, and yes- once it’s all finished, quilting is very forgiving- which is a good thing because there isn’t a single quilt I make that is without mistakes. husbands…will they never learn when to just tell us what we want to hear?

    🙂 Kelly

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