Love at First Sight

This weekend, my goal was to quilt the charity quilt for my sister.  While I made progress, and simultaneously drove my husband crazy by overtaking the living room for quilting… I got a little sidetracked.


So, is anyone really surprised that I got sidetracked?  Wait, you are?  You must be new around these parts.  I’ve got about fifty projects going at any given time, and it’s no surprise that when I walked into Rock Paper Scissors, aka Heaven on Earth, I was instantly smitten with a 10″ charm pack.  I’m talking, it immediately became someone’s quilt and I just had to make it now.  Did I mention I went to get 4 yards of black for the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone quilt along?  Yes, I’m late to that party, and 4 yards turned into 12? yards of gorgeous new fabric.  Who.does. that?!  (And, sorry, Molli – I’ll catch up soon, I promise!)

The new project:


I die.

That is Kona Cerise as a perfect compliment.

aka.  This was meant to be. #lifecolor

(Yes, I did just hashtag on my blog.  I do what I want.)

The fabrics are Joel Dewberry’s new line, Bungalow that I didn’t even know existed.  Perfection.




Now, I have a date this week to finish quilting the charity quilt and start chain piecing these beauties.  Oh, and don’t worry.  It will soon get a natural lighting photo.  But, it was randomly designed between 6 and 7 tonight while my husband was running, because the cooking streak from last weeks epic win is over.  I served him cereal for dinner tonight.  It was either quilt or cook.  Don’t lie and tell me you wouldn’t make the same choice…


12 thoughts on “Love at First Sight

  1. Tonight I got home from work at 6:20 and spent over an hour and a half making a new eggplant involtini…I don’t even know what involtini is! And, you read that right…over 90 minutes. Next time I need to remember to quilt

  2. Hey girl, I bought all three color ways of Bungalow in fat quarters. I still have it in the nice packaging from fat quarter shop – I can’t bring myself to break it out to show yet :-)….so totally understand why you go distracted.

    I bought more fabric this weekend but shhh 😉

  3. Crockpot is sort of the quilt-or-cook answer, but then you have to make the deadly “sleep more or get up to dump the stuff in the crockpot” choice. Cereal for dinner might be healthier than my old fallback friend, fishsticks.

    I’m so behind and I can’t believe you put that Cerise-and-Bungalow quilt up on the wall in an hour!! Holy moly! That’s going to be a good one. Your Waves quilting looks great too.

  4. I’m glad I came back to this one–it showed up on Feedly and then when I came to comment it was gone. Anyway, that magenta quilt is going to be fabulous! I was just looking at a similar color in my solids stash thinking I need to make something with it–especially after seeing what you have started! I have been on a major quilting binge (making up for lost time maybe?) this week and we’ve ended up eating out like three times…But I really hate doing that, so my plan is to do lots of make ahead freezer dinners and crock pot dinners for the next month.

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