This week was one for the books.  So, when I came home on Wednesday and saw a package sticking out of my mailbox, I thought to myself, “Uh oh!  Did I stress-order more fabric?”

Stress-order (verb): 1: Consciously or unconsciously filling up an online shopping cart in a moment of job-stress related panic to calm your nerves, and then hitting purchase forgetting that of course your credit card information is saved just for this type of occassion.  2. Method for making it through the week  3.  Great way to build your stash

Since this is what I normally do, I wasn’t surprised, per say, but I was nervous about dinner that evening if I had in fact bought more fabric.  Luckily, the package was not a stress-order, but instead a gift from Stephanie over at My Imperfect Life!

Last week she hosted an adorable giveaway where we had to guess the word she used to describe the new Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies from Pepperidge Farms.  Being the pumpkin lover that I am, I guessed addicting.  Lucky for my waist line they are apparently disgusting, and I won fabric and a book!



How adorable are these fabrics?  I have an idea… a vintage-y picnic blanket feel, but I want to play around with it some more… This was definitely exciting to open – and I was so surprised to see so many goodies.  I may have even squealed…

Plus, she included a book!


Hello, perfect distraction today when I should be working… 🙂

What would you make with these fabrics?  I love getting new things to be inspired by – thanks for the extremely generous giveaway, Stephanie!  Plus, this weekend, I finally finished my charity quilt.  Here’s a sneak peek:



12 thoughts on “Winnings

  1. How fun! I like the picnic blanket idea. They are so bright and happy! I would want to mix them in with some smaller scale prints and make it uber-scrappy.

    Uber-scrappy (adjective): 1: really, really scrappy. 2: not a word.

  2. I like the picnic blanket idea for this fabric, as well. My mind is a little swishy after spending the day doing the math for the blocks I am doing so at the moment I have no cool word to add….would that be a Quilty Mind Swish?? 😦

  3. Glad you like everything…I’m always worried someone won’t like my ‘surprise’ packages! Thanks for playing along. And stay away from those nasty cookies!

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