Sunday Stash

A few weeks back I was instantly smitten with a quilt I saw by Sarah at Georgia Girl Quilts!  Her plus sign quilt is absolute perfection.  I loved everything about it, and I knew I wanted to make one for my husband.  Since he’s a math teacher, a self-proclaimed nerd, and lover of all things written, I loved her mathy/text vibe.  I had originally told him that I would make him a bookshelf quilt, but when I saw Sarah’s quilt I knew why I was dragging my heels on that one.  It just wasn’t right.

So, here’s the text haul that I bought.  I am definitely going to be buying more low-volume and text prints.  They are amazing.


I can’t even begin to pick a favorite.  So many things to love.

But, if I had to, it would be this one:


I die.  This fabric.

When I saw this fabric I had to have it.  My husband irons EVERYTHING.  When we were dating I told him, “If you expect your wife to iron your clothes I’m not the woman.  I will pay to dry clean them, but I will not iron anything.”  True to my word I have never ironed anything I wear.  I have never turned on his iron.  In fact, the first time I had ironed anything since college was in January when I started quilting.  I look wrinkled all the time.  My husband is pressed and presentable all the time.  I had to throw it in the mix.

To finish off the quilt, I bought the comma line which he loves.  He was actually really excited by Sarah’s choices which made my life so.much.easier.


And to round out my shipping I bought these prints that I have been eying for a while…


What, they were on serious sale?

So, no idea when I’ll make this quilt.  It’s in the queue along with everything else…  Today I’m linking up with Alyce over at Blossom Heart Quilts for Sunday Stash.

What have you been buying lately?


16 thoughts on “Sunday Stash

  1. BAHAHAHA!!! Oh I so get you on the ironing thing!!! My husband ironed everything before we were married, and now… I’ve brought him over to the dark side 😉 Well, that and he’s not wearing business shirts everyday anymore because his lab is just too warm. In LOVE with your bundle. I’m on a mission to collect more too!

  2. My significant other wouldn’t know an iron if it fell on his head. We were going to a wedding a few years back and my aunt made him hand over his shirt that he was wearing at the time for a pressing before we were let out the door! Lucky you don’t have that problem and i love your fabric choices!

  3. Nordika and Christmas on the blog this week for Sunday Stash 🙂 I love the glasses and mustaches! I really need to start adding low volume to my stash.

  4. Those fabrics are going to make an awesome plus quilt! I bought some Sarah Jane mermaids a few months ago and am hoarding them to make a little dress for Aurelia. Totally agree with the ironing thing–I’ve ironed maybe ten shirts for my husband, now we just buy clothes that are wrinkle resistant and say DO NOT IRON. Perfect.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics, love the ‘taches! I detest ironing too. You should see the pile of clothes we have been collecting here…it’s depressing. Sadly my boyfriend isn’t as well trained as your husband!!

  6. I love that the ironing fabric is going to make it into your husband’s quilt. That is too funny! I think the black and white with comma is going to look fabulous. Of course, I really like the comma line, so it’s hard to go wrong with it.

  7. What did you buy from Comma? A layer cake or some bits? As soon as I saw your pic (before reading) about the ironing fabric, I was thinking to myself, “well that’s ironic since Ashley doesn’t iron” hahaha! I love all your LV too, the moustaches, and glasses, so chic!

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