Brave the Shave: Quilt Edition

The charity quilt for my sister’s St. Baldrick’s: Brave the Shave event is finally finished.  I mailed it off to her this past weekend, and I’m so glad that I thought to do this over the summer.  I know that the quilt has raised more money than I would have been able to personally donate, and it’s been such a blessing to see so many personal friends, many who I’ve never met in real life, donating to Z’s event and funds to research childhood cancer.  For $5.00 you can get 1 entry and for $10.00 you get 3 entries.  Z will select the random winner the night she shaves her head, and that person will receive this quilt!  Recently cancer has touched my family and it felt even more personal for me to create this quilt, as I’m sure this event has become even more important to my sister.  I didn’t know this feeling of “what now” and “There is nothing I can do” until this summer, but this event has reminded me that we can all donate to research, even if we all can’t shave our heads!

You can read about my sister’s decision here and you can read more about the quilt here.  I decided to go with simple straight line quilting on this beauty, and I love the final look.  I’m not going to lie, though.  The binding that my mom chose made the quilt.  Mamma’s are always right.  I just wish I knew the name of it because I want to stockpile yards of this stuff!





And that binding I spoke of?



I just LOVE that yellow and navy.

In fact, my husband said, “You know, that was a good quilt.  Not really my favorite, but then you put that border on and it went from good to outstanding!”  1.  Border.  hahaha.  2.  Don’t we just love his honesty?

So, little sister I’m so proud of you and the other shavees.  Glad you’re mine!  You’re going to be beautiful bald, but more importantly, I love your heart.  Even when your hair grows back, and time has passed, I know your heart will continue to think of new ways to share love.  For that, I am thankful.  You have always inspired me to dance to the beat of my own drum.  Keep on, keeping on, sister girl.


Sisters: Mary-Austin, Me, Z (<– going bald!)

You can donate $5.00 for 1 ticket or $10.00 for 3 tickets for a chance to win this quilt here!  Thank you so much to those of you who already have!

 I’m also linking up to Quokkaquilts for TGIFF!  You should go check out the amazing quilts and projects over there…


23 thoughts on “Brave the Shave: Quilt Edition

  1. Ashley! You made me cry again!!! I’m so glad I saw this post, because i forgot to donate last time…I took care of that this morning. Good luck with the event!

  2. isn’t it great when what we love to do can be used for something extra good?! i really like the look of your straight line quilting, too. good choice.
    go Z!!! sisters are the best.

  3. Fabulous Ashley… how you quilted it and even more that it is contributing to a great cause. Your Mum must be so proud of her beautiful girls…lovely pic. I think the binding is an Art Gallery fabric. Marie x

  4. That is just beautiful Ashley. 🙂 the colours are fab. I was expecting to see a photo of you shorn but glad you have kept your golden locks!

  5. I love both you and your sister for doing this! Amazing! And, I agree with Sarah’s comment above: you know how to rock a full quilt picture. That one with the blue, blue sky is great!

    And, I just (finally) noticed that you have my blog on your recommended list. Thanks! Much appreciated!

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