A Little Husband Love

I live with this man who patiently takes out my 6 foot folding table and allows me to take over the living room quilting each weekend.  I live with a man who tolerates threads everywhere in our house.  Every where.  I live with a man who never mentions my growing fabric stash, but always gets up every time I ask him to come “check out my newest block.”  I live with a man who truly celebrates and encourages my new found love of quilting, and I am so thankful that he gets me.  I live with a man who has yet to get a quilty gift from me.

Even though I sometimes look at him like this…


and because he always looks at me like that (yea, right…)

My man needs a gift.

Renee over at Quilts of a Feather, one of my first quilting friends, is the best at sending random surprises.  A ways back I mentioned that I loved a geeky watch fabric that she had, because of course my husband not only HAS a calculator watch, but he wears it proudly.  She surprised me by mailing off a piece and when I opened it I happened to have my leftover Chicopee out from this quilt. It was serendipitous.  The colors were such a perfect match and they just screamed Forrest.  I borrowed Cath’s paper piecing pattern over at Wombat Quilts, and quickly whipped up a pillow top.


I love how this turned out – now it’s time to quilt this baby and turn it into a pillow for his office.


Did you know his office is the one place I’m not allowed to put things… we’ll see about that…. muahahahahahaha.


18 thoughts on “A Little Husband Love

  1. Isn’t it so wonderful when our partners in life support our quilting life? I have all of my sewing machines because my hubbie pushed me to look at new machines and encouraged me to upgrade when something better became available!

  2. I love what you are doing with that fabric! Can’t wait to see how you quilt it 🙂 I’ve been quilting for like…5 years now? DH still hasn’t gotten a quilty “gift” from me, though he enoughs the spoils of my labor on a nightly basis (my first quilt is on our bed).

  3. What a clever idea and great fabric I’m sure your husband is going to love it. My DH carries my machine into my quilting meeting every Tuesday at 8:30 am shame on me for not making him anything guess I’ll have to get busy lol.

  4. Don’t have a guy, sadly. Yours does not have a spare brother, does he? Would love my one specimen! 🙂 Especially one with “quilt-addiction-understanding”! Girl, you are lucky!
    Love the pillow you are making, the watch fabric is just sublime!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. You are such a sinister thing! Love that pillow top; very sweet the way the whole thing has come together. Hope he loves it almost as much as he obviously loves you!

  6. I haven’t made anything for Mr. Sparkles yet either and he was totally reminding me about it last night. I must must get on it. It’s now summer here so I have a few months before he actually needs it. I’m gonna us all the David Butler fabric I’ve been collecting seeing as my fabric boyfriend should be the source material for my real boyfriend. Perfect sense, right?!

  7. Haha! You go girl! You go invade that office. With that fantastic pillow. How cool! The hubby is finally going to get a quilt from me soon, but he doesn’t know anything about it… mwahhahaha

  8. I LOVE this one and I love the picture. Now, I’ve know you guys long enough to know that the looks can definitely be reversed…. Love that your man wears a calculator watch – that is so him!

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