Pillow Talk

Earlier this week, I mentioned a pillow that I was making for my husband.  We surprise, it’s done, AND I made myself one.  I couldn’t be left out!  Without further ado, here are our new pillows!  I think they both fit our personalities to a T.


Don’t they just look like us?  One – bright and bold, the other – nerdy 🙂

I put mine on our guest bed, with the other pillow I made with Chicopee!


One can never have too many pillows!


I bound mine in Kona Cerise, of course.  Also, I used left over scraps to make the back.


They might not match, but I love them.


For Forrest’s pillow I used really simple quilting, and he was so happy.

He hates when I get crazy with the stitching!


For the back, I had to include a more girly Chicopee print… muahahaha.

I’m so excited to now have something I’ve made in every room in my house.

In other news, I look like this at work today:


Today I’m linking up with Quilter in the Closet for TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!

16 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

    • A different website connected me to your web site – I ca#18n2&7;t remember which site it was precisely, but I ought to go back and say thanks to them for sending me to your site! Great work!

    • ojala q no m cae mal la tipa cara de caballo x lo mnos q sea jackie brnktams xq x eso akbaron la novela cuidado con el angel para darle a william levy a la stupida esa y para mi opinion no harian buena pareja

  1. Great job on those pillows Ashely….I am sure your husband was delighted. Your pillow looks fab with all the other gorgeous pillows.

  2. I think that Duet Dot on the back of your husband’s pillow matches great. I didn’t love that print until I used it and now it is one of my favorites! (I bought it in each colorway to bind my Chicopee quilts.) Truly, I think Chicopee is a line you don’t really fully appreciate until you work with it.

    Your pillows are finished so nicely, too! They look very neat and well-sewn. I think pillows are tricker to get looking perfect than quilts, so I really appreciate some good finishing.

  3. AWESOME. Please do share the name of beetle fabric! I’m surrounded by ent0mologists, and that fabric would make some great gifts. Me? I’m definitely more of a Loulouthi girl. That one’s my favorite!

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