Bloggers Quilt Festival: Part I

I remember looking through all of the entries for the Spring Festival and thinking I would never have a quilt to share.  At that time I had a fear of quilting and binding.  The first quilt I’m going to share in the Baby Quilts category is one of my favorite baby quilts.  It really was hard to pick one, but this one will always be special because it was the first time I designed my own quilt.  It’s a simple and sweet nautical themed quilt.  With this quilt I learned 2 things:  I can do something other than straight line quilting and binding matters.







See, binding matters!

Now, go and check out the other amazing quilts at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  It is seriously unbelievable how creative people are in the quilting community!


16 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival: Part I

  1. I entered for the first time just now too! I’ve always felt like my quilts weren’t up to par, but it’s time to get over that. THIS QUILT is definitely up to par, Ashley. Your lobster binding is perfect, I love the porthole design and the echo quilting. It is a super-cute baby boy quilt. I agree, one of your best this year!

  2. It doesn’t matter how many times I see that lobster binding; it still makes me smile (and feel slight inward envy over how perfectly mitered that corner is). I need to try your tutorial sometime!

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