Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Part II

I went back and forth on which quilt to share and which category to share in for my second entry to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  I couldn’t decide, but in the end I went with an oldie, but goodie.  My personal favorite, and one I couldn’t deny as the love of my heart.  My ode to Chicopee – Chicopee Stripes.  This quilt is a showcase of my favorite fabric and an easy way for me to fulfill my obsession with Chicopee for the rest of time.  I made this quilt specifically for myself and used all of the fabrics that got me started on this crazy journey and originally inspired me.  No matter how many quilts I make, this one will always be special.



photo 3 copy



Be sure to go check out the other quilts in the throw category!


13 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Part II

  1. Are those basting pins in the upper left of the second photo? hm. Love this quilt, sooo pretty! I bet it’s like 50 times better in person too.

  2. Yay for Chicopee – it was my first full line of fabric that I ever purchased and remains the one I re-order the most. I can almost sneak it in every quilt hee hee!!! Your quilt is fabulous and really showcases the fabric most beautifully!!!

  3. How cool is it that you’ve finished so many quilts in the last 6 months that it was hard to choose?? That fabric really is special. It inspired me to buy some Chicopee.

  4. You know those quilts that you liked to begin with, but you like even more every time you see it? Your Chicopee Stripes is one of those. The effect of the two black stripes down the side really makes everything come together.

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