WiP Wednesday

Hello again for WiP Wednesday.  A while back I saw that the Belle line of fabric by Amy Butler was going through a reprint.  There was one print in particular that caught my fancy and I knew I had to have it.  The French Wall Paper in Duck Egg.  Just for the name alone.

Belle PWAB111-Duck Egg Fabric by Amy Butler

When I found a few fat quarters at my favorite LQS, Rock Paper Scissor, I was inspired.  I started throwing fat quarters together and picked out two Kona Solids to set them off – one being Kona Cerise.  Duh.  Y’all that is the most perfect color ever made.  Ever.


This weekend, I threw caution to the wind and just started sewing.  I had a plan.  Roughly drawn on the back of a school memo, with terrible math.  Hence why my plan of three horizontal rows has now become vertical rows because it would have been HUGE thanks to many miscalculations.


Then, the real fun set in.  I started framing these suckers in Cerise.  And I was hooked.  Omg, I can’t get over that color.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:



Here’s the general layout I’m going for with this quilt.  Now that I compensated for my terrible math.  Of course I left the Duck Egg print for last – it is so beautiful.


Once they’re all done, the plan is to set them into Kona Navy.  I see really simple straight-line quilting.  Why did I decide to start a new quilt this weekend when I have the world’s longest to-do list?


25 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday

  1. I love Kona Cerise, too! 😀 😀 And with Navy? Scrumptious. I am excited to see this come together!

    Quilt math btw, I am convinced, is the hardest math in the world.

  2. Why’d you start this, you ask? Because like the rest of us, you just can’t resist a beautiful fabric and you just want to see how it’s going to look. And then you’re hooked. It’s going to be fabulous.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the navy with this; I think it’s going to set off the frames so well. And, why quilt when a long to do list is waiting? Duh. Quilting is the best possible way to procrastinate if there is anything on the list that you don’t want to do 🙂

  4. What a great quilt this will be! When a quilt just has to be made, sometimes all the other projects get bumped in the queue. It’s all part of the creative process. Such fun!

  5. Gorgeous. I’m a total fan of that cerise, too, and I’d have to put the fabric from Amy on my list, if only for that great name. You look like you are having fun–we teachers are allowed a little, here and there, aren’t we?

  6. Sometimes we have to put aside our “must” do list and do something “just because.” I love how the blocks are coming along. They will make a terrific quilt!

  7. If you can’t start a quilt for pure joy then this whole thing is NOT worth doing. Dead serious. I started something willy-nilly a couple weeks ago, and even though I haven’t touched it or photographed it or done anything with it, it was what I needed to do.

    I love this with the Cerise. It NEEDED it, you know? And now it’s perfect, as anything with Cerise is.

    Have you seen the new Prussian Blue Kona? I wish I could just drive over and hand you the charm square I’ve got out of my New Kona charm pack and convince you that you need to consider it for this.

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