Quilty Question

Hello, again!  This Thanksgiving will mark my first year as a quilter, and I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on this year.  First and foremost, I’m thankful for the people I’ve met on this journey.  I’m also indebted to those who inspired me to start quilting: my grandmothers, mother, and Pinterest! 

Which brings me to today’s question – Who, or what, inspired you to start quilting?  I’m always so intrigued by why people started making quilts. 


32 thoughts on “Quilty Question

  1. I learned how while caring for my mom before she died. It definitely helped keep my sanity. I got into modern quilting after taking Elizabeth Hartman’s free Craftsy class, “Creative Quilt Back.” Totally rocked my world! (and Pinterest helped, too.) 🙂

  2. Since I was little I’ve always done some form of hand crafts be it knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch or sewing. When my first son was little I decided I would make him a quilt and so I set about teaching myself to quilt because it’s not a particularly popular craft here in Europe. I bought some books, drafted a pattern and that was the first step on my quilting journey.

  3. My mom did, I guess–she taught me the basics of sewing and quilting when I was a kid. And then as a teenager/college student I house-sat for a couple that always had (store bought) quilts out for me to use, and I LOVED them. So much better than the comforters and blankets I had grown up with. When I was pregnant with my son I got the itch to do something (I had been unemployed and out of school for like 6 months), so I made a baby quilt…which we all know are gateway quilts. Next was a queen size for my bed…and I haven’t stopped yet, 4 years later. The internet and bloggers have given me a lot of amazing inspiration and confidence, there are so many things I wouldn’t know how to do without them!

  4. I have been sewing since I was really little, but have only been quilting for about a year. I found Pinterest last fall, and suddenly realized that I could make something larger. When I was at the fabric store, I saw a jelly roll and decided that I would use a pattern I had seen online to make something with it. Once I started, it just clicked and I wanted to make more!

  5. I always did crafts as a kid and my mom made lots of my clothes. I had to learn to sew when I was 10. When I was 23 and done with school I just wanted to learn how to do it so I signed up for a class at a local store. I then convinced my mom to do it to. That was 22 years ago. The online modern quilting gave me a new enthusiasm for all of it! Fun question!

  6. Nice question! I think it was a baby quilt I saw at a shower that first got my interest. But it was definitely the internet (access to inspiration and FABRIC) that turned it into an obsession.

  7. There were a few different influences to me quilting. The first is a life long love of blankets that has bordered on earning me the nickname “Linus”. Second is that I’ve always had a need to have busy hands. I can’t just sit and watch tv, I need to have something to do. I’d tried knitting and crochet, which I’m passable at but can’t do much of anything special, and tons of embroidery but I’d always wanted to make my own throws … thus the quilting.

    I’d also been exposed a little bit to it when I was young: my nanna took up the hobby, made two quilts when I was six and promptly quit. I was fascinated.

  8. I have always been a crafty person and done some sewing off and on. For my thirtieth birthday, I told my husband I wanted my own sewing machine and we went off to Sears to pick one out together. I started my first quilt when I was pregnant with my oldest son the next year. This year I upgraded my machine to a fancy Brother and I definitely have the quilting bug again now that I have a nice machine to sew with. I love looking through pinterest and quilt blogs for ideas, patterns and to see new fabric lines to get obsessed with!

  9. I’ve been sewing since I was 8 and started in 4-H. My mom and grandmas sewed too. Mom got into quilting in the late 90’s and I received a new sewing machine for my college graduation. I’ve been quilting since I was in college, so about 15 years. I love how it is relaxing and I have something to show for my time. My mom was my biggest instigator and we had so much fun shop hopping and teaching classes. I did so much quilting stuff with her before she passed 3 years ago and now I hope to pass on the love to my daughter so I have a partner in crime. My hubby says she’s going to hunt with him, so I told him our son would be my quilting buddy. We’ll see what they both grow up to enjoy.

  10. My nephew was born. I live out of state, and I felt a deep urge to make something that he could wrap up in and know that his auntie loves him.

  11. I’ve been sewing since I was nine years old, but what inspired me to make a quilt? A determination to have a quilt on my bed! That was over forty years ago this next year, and I’m still going at it. Glad you have joined our ranks!

  12. Flickr! I did hand embroidery for years, but began seeing all those glorious, colorful and modern quilt pictures on Flickr. I finally dove in last fall. 🙂

  13. Such a quick and easy answer: http://msmcporkchopquilts.com/

    It started with me looking for Christmas gift ideas, remembering I could cross stitch, then discovering the ~modern cross stitch~ patterns. And I found her cross stitch company through there, and discovered modern quilting on her blog. Mind. Blowing. I think every modern quilter has that moment of, “is /that/ what you can do with quilting?? I’M IN”. I had always thought they were ugly, Americana, useless blankets. I really did 😦 Now I love the traditional aspects and how scrappy they can be, not to mention how much of a personal exploration making a quilting project seems to be. I think I wouldn’t have immediately committed to learning to quilt if I hadn’t seen her blog first, and I strive to cultivate a little bit of her aesthetic in the things I do, I just admire her so much. Haha and almost every quilt pattern she’s made or fabric she’s used is on a Wish List of mine somewhere ♥

    Oh, I learned to sew when I was very young though, and I originally went to school for fashion design, so I was familiar with garment making before going into quilting. This is much easier!! Hahaha I always used to laugh off “home sewing” as useless. Oh, the follies of youth …youth apparently being about a year and a half ago 😐

  14. I’ve always sewn but it was mainly clothes, curtains, etc. When I was in my 20s someone gave me a bag of scraps and I fell in love with the colours. I made a hand-pieced hexagon quilt using English Paper Piecing. 30 years on, I still have it, and I still love patchwork. I even still do EPP, but not every time.

  15. Two chance encounters quickly one after the other! These women I had never met before each showed me their quilted treasures and from that moment on I was desperate to try it too!

  16. Congratulations Ashley on your 1 year anniversary! Amazing how time flies when we are having fun. For many years I have been saying I want to make a quilt. Then one day I got seriously ill, had to stop work and I started to quilt to give me something to do! I have never looked back! Marie

  17. My mom quilted for about a year when I was a kid, but she quit when life got in the way. After I got married, my hubby told me I needed a hobby because I was driving him crazy. I was not a teacher yet, so I had time on my hands. I went to a free continuing ed class for quilting and was so inspired. My mom became interested again with the use of rotary cutters and other speed friendly methods. She started quilting with me about six months after I started and we have been quilting for nearly 20 years. Of course there have been times when quilting has bee put on hold, while I got my teaching license, had my daughter, and got my masters, but I always go back because it is my therapy.

  18. I started quilting two years ago when my son was leaving home for out of state college. I wanted a new hobby and my college roommate is a quilter. I took a My First Quilt Class and I’ve not stopped quilting since. I’ve donated to charities, friends, made wedding presents, and I’ve even kept a couple. I turn all of my orphan blocks into potholders (Ronald McDonald House loves these) and I’ve made a few other things but my first love is quilts.

  19. We retired early and decided to go on a sailing trio on our little yacht. Prior to leaving I pondered what I would do on a little boat in the middle of the ocean! I bought a quilting mag and a few scraps of fabric, pencil, pins, thread, needles and scissors. Five years later I had made a number of quilts. And had two sewing machines and many tools on board. Sew and sail journeys!! Hooked on both. Quilting Dee

  20. I was spending Reading Week (that’s the Canadian equivalent of Spring Break from university) at my aunt’s house and at the time she was super into quilting, which she did exclusively by hand. So if I was sitting with her and talking, she’d had me some piles of fabric and a threaded needle and get me to stitch nine-patch blocks for the quilt she was making. Later that year (or maybe the next year), my mom went out to visit my aunt (they live on the west coast of Canada, but I’m from the Mid-West and had moved back home) and she sent home a quilt in a bag – all the pieces I’d need to make the top of my own bed-sized nine-patch quilt. So that’s where I started – doing it all by hand then too, as I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time. I still haven’t finished that quilt, but it’s getting closer!

    So that’s a long answer to saying my Aunt inspired me. My grandma also used to quilt a lot (and my mom, off and on) so I guess it’s in the family. When I was really little, my grandma used to take my sister and me to her quilters guild meetings and they’d let us help quilt whatever quilt they had on the frame, though I’m sure they picked out our terrible stitches after we left 😀

  21. Congratulations you. It has been such a pleasure meeting you on line – I love to follow :-). I started to quilt since I had sinus surgery. I had bought a sewing machine 6 months beforehand and had not used it. Since I was not allowed to move around a lot + I had no complications and felt fine…..it was the perfect time to start sewing. Once I started sewing it moved to quilts due to the design aspects. My mum is a fantastic seamstress and would sew us clothes and ball gowns etc so I have interest and fascination I think from her.

  22. I’ve always loved fabric but I don’t know quite what it was that got me into quilting, I think it was working at the Festival of Quilts for a magazine I no longer work for (it was a general craft mag so I was already into making jewellery and things like that). I went for a wander around and I bought a jelly roll, the jelly rolls on our stand for a sister magazine’s subscription deal really had me interested, just because it was so pretty. Then I went on to teach myself 🙂 My first quilt was a jelly roll sampler from one of Pam and Nicky Lintott’s books.

  23. Well, it started with Grandma Sparkles and then really started when Mr. Sparkles kept going away for work and I was left at home twiddling my thumbs. I figured it was time to put them to work!

  24. I was hooked after receivig a quilt as a baby gift. It has lots if flannel and is backed in minky, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I wanted to start giving that kind of gift to others. There are more reasons why I still quilt, but that’s the earliest and biggest reason I started.

  25. For me, it was a PBS documentary about quilting that I saw in 2011.There was a ton of drama, so it really piqued my interest LOL! My interest just snowballed after that. We decided to go to the International Quilt Festival and it was so inspiring! After that I participated in Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day and I decided to release my unused sewing machine from the closet. My husband came home from an offshore trip and I had already converted our spare bedroom into a makeshift sewing room. My first quilt was made from a rag quilt kit I bought on Etsy and I haven’t been able to stop since!

    Congratulations on one year!

  26. I was always looking for a hobby. I wanted to get my t-shirts made into a quilt but I found out how much people charge for it and decided to just try it myself because I knew the basics of sewing from a class in high school… lol. After that, I was hooked! It’s kind of weird, there wasn’t really a person or anything that got me into it. I just spent hours on Google looking things up and trying to figure it all out… for a while I didn’t understand what “quilting” actually meant, lol 🙂

  27. Happy anniversary! I started quilting when I was college senior. I have never been able to draw or paint, but I wanted to play with color. I was an art history/history double major, and the connection that quilts had to history fascinated me. And hey, I haven’t stopped yet!

  28. Growing up, my mother always sewed, but I never had an interest in sewing. When our oldest child, now 12, was in her last year of preschool, making mini-quilts was a class project. I had no idea how to cut my fabric accurately, much less what quilting actually meant, but my interest was piqued. Within a year of that time, a new quilt shop opened in my town. Walking through the shop, and seeing the quilts on display for the classes being offered, I signed up for a beginning quilt class. I’ve been hooked every since. The “modern” quilt world has always held more appeal than traditional quilts and fabric, and the blogosphere has broadened my view of quilts immensely. Thanks for adding to that world with your blog!

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