Quilted Christmas Stockings

A few weeks back my cousin and a friend (basically little sister) asked me if I could make them stockings.  Ummmm?  Well…

So, I turned to trusty Pinterest and got to it – research that is.  After weeks of looking at every.single.tutorial out there, I knew what I could do.  And, let me tell you, cuffs are not it right now.  I combined three tutorials, and took from them what I wanted.  Here are the tutorials I found most useful along the way:

Also, to make a pattern I bought a $0.68 piece of poster board and a $1.00 stocking from Target.  There was no need to go all fancy with this.  However – I got the stocking that was 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. Ain’t nobody got time for a skinny-ass stocking that can only hold Chapstick.

Here’s what I came up with for my cousin’s stockings.  She picked out this fabric on Etsy, and I think they’ll be beautiful with her pastel Christmas decorations.


(Why yes I have a Christmas Tree in my front yard…)



Do you SEE this lining fabric?  I bought it on a whim and I am so thrilled with it.


This project was definitely a challenge, but one I’m so glad that I decided to try. It is exciting to know that I can sew something other than quilts and pillows, and I know I’ll be making many, many more.  In fact, here’s the fabric pull for the next round…




20 thoughts on “Quilted Christmas Stockings

  1. I like your Christmas fabric for yourself….especially the top bundle! Your stockings turned out very cute, I like the shape that you made them. I agree there is nothing worse than a stocking that is too skinny or with weird proportions!

  2. Okay – they are beautiful. Chelsea will love these. However, for my six – I will require the cuff. OMG. How adorable. May I start picking out my fabric? Which is, of course, down in the basement – all of your old Christmas dresses. Heck, you can help me over Thanksgiving. Your mother. Who gave you birth and life.

  3. Beautiful! I really need to do this but I promised myself I would focus on WIPs and wait for next year. 😦 Next year I think I’ll set aside all of October and November for Christmas sewing!

  4. One of these days…nay, years, I will get around to making a bunch of cute handmade stockings for my little clan. This year is not that year. Can’t wait to see what stockings come from those lovely stacks!

  5. They look so lovely! Thanks for sharing the tutorials and the tip about tracing a solar stocking for a template… You’re so smart!

  6. They are so cute! Years ago I knitted stockings for my family of four – now my grown daughter has absconded with all four, so I need new stockings, and my knitting skills are not what they were. I think I will take a cue from you and make some quilted stockings!

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