Wishing and Hoping

Alright you guys.  I just spent the past 5 days being extremely thankful, and while I have nothing (no really, nothing) on my Christmas list, that might get ready to change.  Because I just saw this.

Chicopee Three - Quilt Inspired PendantChicopee Pendant

If you’re new around here, Welcome.  I’m Denyse Schmidt’s/Chicopee’s biggest fan. 

Which brings me to this question: What quilty goodness do you have on your Wish List this year?



13 thoughts on “Wishing and Hoping

  1. I have asked for subscriptions to quilt magazines like Generation Q and Quilty, because I would never buy them myself but I love the portable inspiration. I also need a stand-alone ironing board because the table-top one is taking up precious cutting real estate.

  2. Ashley,

    I love these! I am really loving Chicopee 1!!!!

    The only two things on my list are 1) a little sewing corner in whatever new space I land in and 2) more time in the day!

  3. The only things I’m really wishing for this year are sewing related – bundles, books, rulers. My mother and little brother were most frustrated when they asked for ideas.

    Then again, I’m the sort of person who asks for a new coffee maker for Christmas, so asking for a special ruler feels a little wild.

  4. I am going simple this year (may not be cheap though hehe).
    I would like the accuquilt + I have the 1/2 yard bundle of botanics on the way 🙂

  5. So cute!!! I always ask for gift cards to my fav LQS. It never proves to disappoint. Then I can buy all the fabric I want and not have to hide it. 🙂 Muwahahaha.

  6. Oh that is so you! I would like a better camera and EQ7. I spent all year stocking up on fabric. MUST. STOP. Right after Botanics. And Color Me Happy. And Dreamin’ Vintage.

  7. There is a Bernina 750QE without embroidery unit on my list and should soon be under the tree, so excited!

  8. OMG that is so totally cute and I could totally see it around your neck!!
    I think the older you get the shorter your Christmas list gets or maybe when you have young kids like I do, your Christmas list must be short because little people are so costy.
    I am new to quilting/sewing, with my first quilt almost done and only have made a few patchwork totes for my sisters! I would love to get my hands on some flea market fansy fabric! I love that fabric so much, I would be happy with just a few small squares!!
    Fingers Crossed:-)

  9. I only asked for a giftcard to a quilt shop (since I’m planning to fabric diet… I figure that’s not my money, so it’s okay if I spend that in January…) 😀

  10. Cute,
    well I think I would be happy right now if I could set up my sewing room somewhere else. The roof has started leaking above my ironing board, and there is just nooo space to walk. I thought my half of the office would be enough but, with an ironing board, sewing table, comfy chair and the quilt I’m working on on the floor, I am feeling as if it is an obstacle course!

    Ashley, I’m so enjoying your blog. Especially liked the red and white quilt you photographed back in November.

    Sweet dreaming,

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